Saturday, August 21, 2010

Revisit....."The Man Chair"

On Father's Day last June, I did a post on "The Man Chair".  

As a designer, we have to be sensitive to the way that people want to live in their homes, and clearly, men want........

 "The Man Chair".........sigh........

At the end of that somewhat irreverent post, I showed a sketch of a custom recliner we were doing for a client. 

We installed this chair in the client's home last week, and just let me say...houndstooth is very cool!

It's still a man chair, but this one has some attitude!!

We're waiting on one more chair for this space, so when everything finally arrives.....hate backordered fabric!.....I'll show you the whole beautiful space. 
Steve....I hope you love your chair!!


  1. Very cool!! Love the Houndstooth!! The post is up with your name and explanation, it is so fun to read the stories.
    Funny this week I was talking to a young friend of mine who is about to purchase a new leather sofa and wants some design advice. I told her under no circumstances to get a bustle back sofa. OOOOPs that is exactly what they planned on getting. Hubby insist on high back and comfort and they are comfy but so Old Person style!! Oh well we win some and lose some. I think you have a Win on this chair, Kathysue

  2. I got a big laugh out of the "man chair" example, first image...could you have found a better (i.e. worse) example?!? :)

    Now, the one you designed is another story...very ingenious way to make a man chair fit into a design scheme!


  3. I love the term 'man chair'!!! Hope you are having a perfect weekend! Kellie xx

  4. I love that! Definitely makes a Lazyboy okay, that houndstooth is gorgeous!

  5. That chair is why I bought an upholstered ottoman and a cushy sofa. Never need to have the conversation! Thanks for stopping by to see us. We have a great giveaway starting on Friday. Jane F.

  6. On my list of perfect man traits, I have now added: "A man who would never, ever request a man chair!" Come visit soon.

  7. I'm a dude, and I wouldn't sit in that if you paid me. Give me a Eames lounger anyday!

  8. HA! I'm laughing so hard and smiling that you have achieved the ultimate morph!! We have a man chair and the scuff marks it bears from me trying several times to roll it out the door and leave it curbside, is now a part of our relationship history. It always ends up right back in the house. Sigh. What's a woman to do?! You did it well and I can't wait to see the rest!

  9. Ha ha! We run into the man chair problem all the time!!! Why do men love their recliners so much!


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