Friday, August 27, 2010

In the Pink

I'm thinking pink today.

It was my favorite color when I was growing up, and I don't think I've ever grown out of my Pink-Love.

But just like me, pink is all grown up. 

Jonathan Adler

Country Living

The fabric houses have gotten on the pink bandwagon as well.
Here's a few of my favs.
Lee Jofa, Jane Churchill, Highland Court, Duralee

Duralee, Manuel Canovas, Schumacher, LeeJofa

There's often something whimsical about Pink, and that usually brings me to a happy place....not a bad place to be!

Canadian House and Home

seen on Life in Pictures blog

Betsy Johnson for the Valentine House

Otthan magazine (Hungary)

I like Pink when it's unexpected....which is most times...

I so wish I had the nerve for this!
Seen on Life at 514 blog

It's not just for little girls anymore, although it will always be great for them too.
Caldwell Flake Interiors

Robyn Karp Interior Designer

Whether it's soft or bold, sweet or sassy...It pretty much makes me happy to be around it.
Truthfully, doesn't it do that to you too?




  1. I love it ! I keep saying I need more pink in this house !

  2. Pink is one of my favorite colors, and is seen very little in my home! I just made a couple pillows with a touch of pink and they bring so much to the space...and tomorrow my Ideabook on Houzz is about Pink Furniture. I had fun writing it...oh, and that pink kitchen you show. WOW! It is fabulous, I couldn't live with it but I would love visiting it!

  3. Pink was always my favorite color growing up. I had a pink room forever, never any other color. I wore pink all the time and to this day if I wear pink I will hear you look really good in that color. If I see a pink room it always makes me smile. Great line-up, I really like that Duralee fab!! Kathysue

  4. I totally have the nerve for that kitchen! I just need the "green" to support it!! Gorgeous. Love the country living image :)

  5. Love the writing on the wall idea/photo!

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  6. Heavenly pink! Hope your weekend is going perfectly well! xx

  7. I love pink and wrote it about it on my own blog several months ago.

    It really is such a lovely color and after seeing all your fabric samples I may just introduce some in my home next spring.

  8. Those fabrics are beautiful..particulary like the Highland Court floral.

  9. Great photos. Yes pink really is a fabulous color! I so wish I had the courage to have painted cabinets in my kitchen too!

  10. Hey Sally J!
    I'm all about
    the second picture,
    although the last
    one stole my heart!
    Hope you were able
    to visit when I did
    my post on your award....
    {The Question}. Still
    tickled PINK to have
    been chosen! Hope
    you are enjoying your
    xx Suzanne

  11. I Love me a little dose of pink once in awhile.

    It was my fave color growing up too!

  12. These are great! We're loving that kitchen!


  13. Be still my HEART!!! If I could live in completely Pink house I so would!!! So far I can only have a pink baby room, kitchen and play room. But we are slowly morphing the rest it there, until clint notices!!! Love the owl umbrella holder in the top pic too!!!!

  14. Pink is my favorite color, too. Our music room is painted pink and most of my accessories are colored pink as well. Just like my sister, Jamie, she asked her husband to transform their bathroom with pink hues. Their new house, found in the heart of Jenks Oklahoma homes. It was purchased last year after they relocated from Southern California. It's just so timely that realestate Tulsa Oklahoma and Jenks, Oklahoma realty are selling beautiful homes within the area. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love the pink kitchen. Can you tell me what paint/color used? Please?


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