Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yall come on in!

One of my projects for the upcomming weekend is to paint my front door.  I think I know what I want to do, but because I'm obsessive about "shopping" ideas before I make a decision, I've been looking at alot of pictures of doors.

There are some very creative door treatments out there in the blogesphere!

This is probably what I'll do.  I love an orange front door.  How happy and welcoming is that?  I wish I had the white stucco walls to surround it like this one seen in Charleston, SC.

I'm not sure I could do a purple and green door, but I'd be very interested in having dinner with the people who are brave enough to do it.  Don't you know that would be a great dinner party?

Emily Henson's studio

I love the idea of a black door too, especially if it's on a pink house!
Seen in the French Quarter

This beautiful tuquoise could be an option for me as well.  This is more the color of my brick.  Love the touch of yellow in the wreath!
Seen in New Braunfels, Texas

I remember hating my sliding glass door, so I went with a full-view French door instead....but then again, this is not my "perfect-house-for-a-cool-sliding-door.

I can't imagine a better door for this modern space.

Home of the Goldman family, Dallas, Texas as featured in D-Home Magazine

Exterior doors are not the only door love out there.
Interior doors are a great place to bring some style and panache to an ordinary space.

Check out this bathroom door...almost can't see where it begins and ends!

Dmitry Velkovsky

The very cool and stylish Miles Redd certainly didn't leave his own doors unadorned.  Green leather with the stylish live!!

 Another slider for those times that you have dirty dishes in the sink to hide.

Ponte Mellor Architects

If you've read my blog for a while, you know I have a designer crush on Lisa Martensen.  How beautiful is this?  And we've turned up our noses to mirrored doors....who knew they could be this stylish?

Lisa Martensen's house
This door speaks to my wild side.  I'd love to have the nerve to do this!
Again.....Mr. Redd
(Do you think all the doors in his house are upholstered with nailheads?)

Miles Redd
This door has been inspiration for me for a while.  Just need to find the right house to do it in!  Any takers?

Southern Living Magazine
I'm fantasizing about my life living in this space.  Maybe I'm in the south of France....or Wimberley, Texas...not sure, but either one would do.
Kay Douglas, Interior Designer

I sometimes even love a beautiful just to hang around.  What a great way to add an architectural element to a basic wall.

Tracy Morris, Interior Designer

More than anything, I want my door to open up to wonderful people, great experiences and an amazing garden would be a real plus.

Yall come back now, ya hear?


  1. This is a great post, Sally! I love doors. One of the first watercolor paintings I did back in college when I studied in Italy was of an old door in our little Tuscany hill town. Thanks for helping me remember that this morning!

  2. Hey Laura. Only something a designer and an architect could love! Sounds like this brought back some artistic memories for you, and that's always a good thing. I'll see you tonight!! Have a great day.

  3. The first door...the color, the architecture, wow! I would have a hard time not wanting this house if I lived in that city. And the yellow barn door between the bedroom and bathroom, that image puts a smile on my face! Pure happiness in the form of a delightful design. Janell

  4. Great door collection!

    I'd have a hard time choosing one. I think some of my favorite exterior doors are in Holland. They are incredibly silky smooth and shiny.


  5. Sally this was a great post!!! I love the idea of a painted front door in a fun color. I was thinking since you have the brick the teal/turqouise would be a great compliment to the brick, just a thought!!! No, it is not because I don't like orange,hehe!!
    I love a mirrored door and I have one in my dining room and hope t have a french mirrored door in my entry mimicing the french door I have in the front. I had so much grief from contractors and hubby when I said I wanted a full french door with sidelights. Now they all love it and I love all the light that spills in!! Loved this post, you are on a roll,Missy!!! Hugs Kathysue

    PS the sconces arrived and Omg they are amazing!!!

  6. I love all the doors but the last one is my favorite ! I can't wait to see what color you choose. I painted mine orange and I love it.

  7. I love the orange door......but your right its all about the surroundings to really make the door work.....So what colour is your door Sally J?

  8. Surely not for the front door, but i am in love with that yellow door. and the room beyond. They brought that all together just perfectly. I really like your ending. The front door that welcomes people in is the very best. I pray mine always does! Happy painting. Mona

  9. Door #1 makes me thinking I'm walking into Lizzie Arden's, so that would be a pick me up, but Miles Redd studly doors are so handsome. He is the bomb!

  10. Great post, loved your photos of doors! My favorite is the brick with the turquoise because I love how the two colors create energy. I love the orange too but against the white, it doesn't create the same energy. I'd like the green and purple better if they were higher gloss and if the purple was a tad muted.

  11. What a fantastic post Sally! I recently painted the pine doors white, and it looks so much better now! My front door is next, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

  12. I love love love that yellow barn door! I've been wanting to do that in my rustic styled home.

  13. I love all the doors, especially the one looking out on the fountian. I painted my front door black. It is awsome with the basket of sunflowers hanging on it!!Thank you Sally for working so hard on these posts and inspirations.

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