Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cooling Down

Summers are always hot in Texas, but we've had a streak of days well over 100 with no relief in sight. 

My thoughts go to anything cool, so here's a lovely photo that lowers the temp a little bit and provides some great inspiration at the same time.

Sandra Morgan Interiors

Yall stay out of the heat, you hear?


  1. For some reason I love saying "yall"...(and my kids can't stand it when I do!) :) Stay cool...

  2. Being a "blue" girl I must say that the bath in this colorway is really soothing and wonderful. Thanks for stopping by to see us. Jane F.

  3. Sally, love this image, blue and white my favorite and a cute plaid on the chair and a striped rug, be still my heart. Don't you love airconditioning. More sweet Tea please??!! Hugs Kathysue

  4. what a soothing palette.. and to have a fireplace in the bath? heaven!

  5. Oh what did I do with that slipper daughter had it and think it has gone by the wayside...Beautiful image!

    Art by Karena

  6. I had a client with that exact same chair only upholstered in a brighter plaid. It was her grandmothers so it can probably be found in someone's attic (oh if we only had attics in so. cal)

    Stay cool or visit San Diego where we havent hit over 72 in 5 weeks!!

  7. What a gorgeous room! It's not often you see a fireplace in a bathroom!

  8. Do we know who makes that wall paper? We need to come visit Dallas, we get married to High Point living right next door!

  9. I really like the fact that the focal point is a FIREplace, yet it's dressed down, looking cool and still gets the job done :)


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