Monday, August 23, 2010


I am a junker.  I love the hunt.  It's not even about the money any more, although I love to find a deal.  I really love it when I can see something wonderful amid the junk and garbage.

So a couple of Saturdays ago, with a little extra time on my hands, I stopped into  my local Salvation Army to see if there was anything I could find to repurpose.

I had hardly walked around the corner when I saw them.... A set of rattan coffee tables!

Check these out!

But here's the best part.....


Based on the research I've done, these are vintage 1960's from the high-end McGuire furniture company.

I didn't find these exact same tables as I was researching, but I did find these McGuire tables on 1st Dibs....

.....and they are selling for $2,400 !!!!

Ask me what I paid....

go ahead....ask me.....

$19.00 for the pair!!!

Did I say SCORE!!

Although they are in pretty good shape, there certainly was some wear and tear.  All the rattan was perfectly attached and the 1/2" glass looked really good.

But I didn't want to live with old brown tables...even if they are McGuire.
I know I probably killed the resale value of the tables, but I pulled out my trusty paint brush and went to town.

TA DA !!

Aren't they awesome!!


  1. they look fantastic. Great find.

  2. LOVE them! Who cares what the resale value is - you aren't selling them now, right?!!

  3. A great find Sally you have done it again!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Total score! 2 points for the find and another 2 for the "conversion"! L-U-C-K-Y!!

  5. Brilliant!! As far as I'm concerned, you did the right thing. What sort of paint did you use, and how did you prep them? I have shopping envy!!

  6. As I was reading the article I thought to myself. oh dear, she is painting them turquoise. What a fun surprise when the bright orange popped up on my screen! I love them...lucky fnd.

  7. LOVE!! Ship them to my house when you tire of them! :) Like that will happen! Janell

  8. You know I don't do orange but even I have to admit these are stunning and boy oh boy did you SCORE!!!

  9. They certainly are! Great find. lucky you!

  10. Love them and what you did with them. Complete Score!

  11. Way to go, Sally!

    The orange gloss paint is perfect and, yes, I am also glad they are not turquoise!


  12. You are a lucky hunter . They look fabulous and this coral orange is divine

  13. Nothing I like better than a god score! Makes me smile every time I see something I have gotten a god deal on. Just wandered onto your blog. Beautiful! I will be back. Sue

  14. Sally,

    What a fun post, and a truly fabulous find! You have an amazing eye and I love the color you used to paint the tables. You'll have to show us where you put them. Don't you love thrift shopping? Sometimes you don't score but when you do, it's so gratifying!

  15. Yes, they are definitely awesome! It's crazy how much better these tables look after you painted them, I can see shapes I didn't even notice on them when they were brown!

    Total score and awesome paint job!

    xo Linda

  16. The stuff that dreams are made of!! Awesome!!!

  17. The color, the style, the price and second hand...just awesome!


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