Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween !

It’s a beautiful day in Texas for Halloween and trick-or-treaters….cool, crisp fall weather with just enough chill to make it festive, but not so much that you’d need a coat for chasing goblins tonight.


After today, we'll move on to thoughts of Thanksgiving...pumpkins will remain, but they won't show their eerie faces any longer, and we'll spend more time thinking about what we're buying for Christmas than what our Halloween costume will look like.


I know that Halloween is about the ghouls and the scary faces, and that a Jack-o-lantern is all about being scary….


But I’ve always liked Jacks who were of a friendlier persuasion.

jack-o-lantern 2 
As a designer, I prefer them to be decorated with pretty patterns and unexpected, non-Halloween-y designs.

glamlamb blog. 2 jpg

But I am in awe of those carving masters who do amazing things with their medium of choice.

ray villafane Ray Villafane (Winner of the Outrageous Pumpkin contest on Food Network)

dog face

But my favorite carver is also my favorite son. 

Matt eagle globe and anchor

matt pumpkin eater

But he kind of blew me away with his latest one this weekend…..(forgive the unabashed parental pride going on here!….)

matt carves tylerr

OK….you can applaud now!  How cool is that!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!!


  1. Hi Sally,
    Love the pumpkins! I look forward to following your blog. Nice to meet up on FB. Have a happy Halloween!

  2. Sally I love to see such creativity, wish I could have come to the Duralee show!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Sally I love to see such creativity, wish I could have come to the Duralee show!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Are you serious in telling me that your son carved those last few pumpkins? WOW. i'm speechless! that takes talent! i think pumpkin carving is hard.
    It is beautiful here today,isn't it! I remember halloweens here where it was HOT, or Cold & Wet, but this is perfect Texas Ranger Weather!!!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Ummm, I need a lesson!! Happy belated Halloween to you dear :)

  6. I dont know whats cuter, the baby or the pumpkin!

  7. OMgosh that is truly AAAAAAMAZING!! Wow what a talent he gets his artisitic ability from his Mama I see. Love it!!!You deserve to be proud. Kathysue


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