Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Inspiration

Fall is payback a good way....for enduring the Texas summers.
This weekend is sure to be sunny and beautiful, so I'm ready to work on my outside spaces this weekend.

If only I had a tree house to enjoy like this one!

Elle Decor

What is your inspiration for the weekend??

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  1. so pretty! my inspiration this weekend is carmel apples :)

  2. What is my inspiration this weekend? Interestingly enough, hanging out in Texas! Loving the great weather. Janell

  3. Actually I would love to hang out in that tree house, but I'll be planting pansies instead. Have a good one. Mona

  4. Love the tree house. I would never want to leave. All it needs is some good wine.

  5. I dream of a four
    seasons porch...
    or tree house : )!!
    My inspiration is
    all of the fabulous
    projects that I read
    about as I traverse
    the blogosphere. For
    some reason I'm in
    the full flush of
    nesting mode, this fall!
    On the hunt for sweet
    accessories to make
    the house sing!
    xx Suzanne

  6. My inspiration for the weekend has been Freaky Halloween Figures!

    Check our my Halloween Design Trend!


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