Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stripes ..... Yikes!

such a  classic pattern that has been used in interior design for eons.

How to make it look fresh and new?

Turn it on it's side and go horizontal !!

I'm sure this wasn't the first time I had seen horizontal stripes, but this cover really left an impression on me because they had turned the wallpaper sideways to install.  I was in love!

 Since I'm really into mixing the classic with the modern, I think this play on the stripe brings those two elements together unlike a traditional vertical stripe could have.

Here's a few more examples of how the horizontal stripe marries the traditional with the more modern style.

Better Homes and Gardens

Mary McDonald, Interior Designer

Caroline Paterson, Interior Designer

Nathan Turner, Interior Designer

Even on a lampshade!  Love the attention to detail, don't you?

Robert Passal, Interior Designer
Can you see the door in this one?  How fun is that!  I love the mix of the traditional architectural drawings with the contemporary elements....hide chair, parson's table, graphic rug....

Victoria Hagan, Interior Designer - Holly Hunt fabric
So, how many repeats in this space? 

Belle Maison
Here's an interesting play on the stripe....vertical stripes in the bead board and the chair juxtaposed with the metallic horizontal lines painted on the wall.  Because they are all neutral, they don't fight each other.  Very clever...and very well thought out.

The more expected place to find horizontal stripes  is in a more contemporary space.  Since these spaces can sometimes look more sterile and cold, check out how the horizontal stripes in vibrant colors can warm them up .

 Watergate Condo    Ponte-Mellor Architects

 Have you noticed that when the stripe is so predominant, it's important to tone down everything else?  The neutral furniture and accessories allow the stripe to take center stage. 
Decor pad

Mary McDonald as see in Domino Magazine

Dolly Howarth, Interior Designer
Isn't this just more fun than a plain red entry?

Lee Klienfelter as seen in Lonny Magazine
Classic black and white is energized when it's run horizontally in varying widths. 

I think it takes a certain degree of "chutzpah" ( or "cajones", as we often say in Texas!) to run with the horizontal stripes. 

Can you do it?


  1. If I hadn't already painted stripes in two rooms in my home, this would have inspired me to do it. What a smart idea to hang the wallpaper horizontally! Horizontal stripes are a great modern take on a classic.

  2. Your right, the horizontal stripe really does feel so fresh and modern.

  3. Yes, of course!! I love horizontal stripes, did it with chalkboard paint in Max's room. You have shown some great examples, and they make me want to find another room to add them to! Janell

  4. "when the stripe is so predominant, it's important to tone down everything else" --> I've never noticed or thought about it, but you are totally right! Very well illustrated in the pics too =) Thanks!!

  5. this was fantastic Sally. great images. i have that D magazine and funny how i didn't even really notice the stripes. I dont' know what that says about me, can't be too good. hahahhahah

  6. Your stripe pics are wonderful. My bedroom has horizontal stripes, love it !

  7. Sally I have always loved horizontal stripes, they can be so soft and serene or very dramatic!!

    Art by Karena

  8. Love the horizontal stripes! Great way to mix it up!

  9. I love horizontal stripes - especially when done with the same color in different finishes. Very modern and elegant!

  10. Great examples. I really liked them all. saved a few for my files. Have a great week. Mona

  11. Love stripes, especially like that cute lampshade!

  12. I love horizontal stripes and you have some great inspiration images here. I took a striped Pollack fabric and ran the pattern horizonally for my dining room drapes at our current home. I love the look.

  13. Horizontal stripes are a favorite of mine! Glad to be a follower now!


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