Friday, October 15, 2010

Paint a Pile of Pumpkins

Easy, peasy, pumpkin painting

Midwest Living Magazine

For the Prepster in the group.....

 Country Sampler Magazine

Yall have an inspired weekend!


  1. Love it: preppy
    pumpkins!!! I
    did a little painting
    this week...a door,
    not pumpkins...but
    it did have me wanting
    to CREATE something.
    I think my daughter
    and I NEED to do a
    project like this over
    the weekend. Thanks
    for the inspiration,
    xx Suzanne

  2. Okay, that's way too cute! Something totally up my alley!! LOL and loving out loud too :)

  3. These are adorable! Loved the pumpkins from the second picture. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx


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