Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blow it up

We live in great times!

Technology has advanced to the point that we can do almost anything digitally that we want to do. 

This "wallpaper" started out life as a beautiful (and small!) invitation.  In the hands of someone really creative and the magic of technology, it becomes amazing wall paper!

D-Magazine Sept. 2010  Available To The Trade
Who knew??

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  1. I love anything this dramatic and over scaled.

  2. Talk about a "WOW" factor!!!! :)

  3. You gotta love poppies to want to hang that wallpaper but it is amazing. I also love the black patent leather (or vinyl) chairs.

  4. So glad there are smarter people out there!

  5. I LOVE that wall!!! Thank you for sharing that gorgeous space!

  6. What a gorgeous wallpaper! The colors are so alive. Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  7. This is gorgeous, love that the flowers are so big, and also the feminine organic lines. Dramatic and beautiful.

  8. Seriously spectacular! Love the color + scale. So nice to meet you and find your blog! xo


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