Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mary Said it Best.....

Mary Englebreit

I work with alot of families as they design their homes.  Mothers are especially intent on making sure that their kids have a place to play and be a kid.  They all want their child's room to be a perfect space that reflects his or her personality.

They decorate the "man cave" so that hubby has a place for the big TV and "The Man Chair" so he and the guys can be comfortable watching the games, playing cards and doing whatever else men do when they are together. 

But, Hey! 
Moms need their own spot too,
.........and I don't mean a great kitchen!

If you could have a dream - "just for me" - room, what might that be?

What room would best reflect your personality??

Maybe you're a crafter who wants the ultimate creative space.

Country Living

Heather Bailey

Maybe you love to read and need just the right chair in just the right spot. 

Mirjam Visser might have to share.....

What about a beautiful office men allowed!

Mary McDonald

Image source Cote de Texas

Perhaps you're a gardner and you'd love a little outdoor shed?

Birkshire Botanicals

Or perhaps you want a get-away to listen or maybe even make, music.

Barry Briggs Spang

Windsor Smith

Maybe you'd just like a little corner of the porch

Or a piece of the great outdoors

Wilson Creek

Or maybe you'd be happy with a nice long soak in the tub
MLH Designs

Come on girlfriends!  Who's taking care of you?

 Need help carving out your own niche'?
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  1. What a fabulous post!

    You are right, women want to give their children and husband special places that bring happiness...and overlook they also need their own special places.

    For me, I love allowing my mind to wander and a place with beauty, not too cluttered.

    Hope you started some wheels turning...and guys, what a fabulous Christmas gift for your wife!

  2. Well, you've got me thinking now Sally and that can sometimes create problems :) I would love to create my own office space with no dirt bike trophies, no race car photos, no crumbs and make it a clean and feminine workspace. (is that asking too much?)

  3. This is an issue I've been thinking about and intrigued by! Yes, one could argue the whole house is the domain the woman, running the household, but they are often the only ones that don't have a space designated specifically and solely for themselves. Even I have been ranting about this a bit, my space is open to the whole house and there are times I'd like to be able to retreat and CLOSE the door!!

  4. Brilliant....Virgina Wolf said it best, we all need a Room of One's Own!

  5. It was so nice to start my morning off with Mary Engelbreit's bright cheerful colors. Have missed seeing her around!

    I have dreamed of owning a shed that could be my getaway spot as well as my office and hope someday to be able to do that. These pictures were great inspiration.


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