Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today's MY Day!

October is a big month in my family....Today is MY birthday, and I"m celebrating Tyler's first birthday with about 30 other people....and half of those are under 3 !! EEEkkkk   So glad their parents will be attending the party too!

Anyway, because it's my day, I'm just going to share some of my favorite things with you. 

I love painted furniture.  I love to paint it myself, and I appreciate the art of this butterfly!
 I'm a big fan of the Impressionists...Monet' "Waterlilies" ......breathtaking!


I love velveteen....especially in tomato red
House Beautiful

Or teal blue.
Elle Decor

 I love the idea of living in a barn....a beautiful, converted one, of course!

Elle Decor

I love to make things, and I love having everything I need for a project when I get a wild hair to do something at 10pm.


Seems like I'm always working on these at that time.....but they're my fav thing to make in the fall.

Sally J. Designs
I love creating precious nurseries.

Sally J. Designs
I love dishes....all kinds....all colors....all styles.
John Jacobs

Bold, big graphic prints always make me smile!  Probably a throwback from my mural-painting days.

Robin Bell Designs

 Chocolate in any form

Design that doesn't take itself so seriously!

Porto Romana Lighting

 I love to create kitchens....soup to nuts!
Sally J. Designs

And we can't forget about my roomates......


Yall have a great weekend.....I'm off to make cupcakes for the party!


  1. Happy, happy Bday sweet friend, Have fun at the Bday party!! xo Kathysue

  2. Happiest of happy birthdays, Beautiful Lady!


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  3. Have a Wonderful Happy Birthday!!! I hope there is a delicious piece of chocolate cake waiting for you today! Janell

  4. Cheers Sally! Hope the years ahead is full of blessings - x

  5. My birthday wish for you is that someday you will live in a converted barn and spend your days lounging on a teal blue velveteen sofa-surrounded by your adorable pets.

    Happy B-day!

  6. Happy birthday wishes! have a blast! and love your list may your wishes come true

  7. Happy Birthday Sally! I hope your party was great! And I love the little pumpkins you make, they are so festive and colorful!!

  8. Happy Birthday Sally: I was one of 7 children, so my day was sacred and still is at age 55. Beautiful images, I love your work. It is really lovely to find kindred souls in the world. Thank you for making my day prettier.

  9. Happy Birthday my Dear and many more. I love your style. You can send me some of your fabulous pumpkins anytime!!

    I have a new giveaway you will love from Metis Linens!!

    Art by Karena

  10. Happy Birthday Sally. In reading your "loves" I find we are very much alike...I have an 18mo old grandson and I also love dishes, graphic prints, velvet, crafts, designing nurseries...the living in a barn, not so much.

    You must sell those pumpkins on Etsy. You are very talented in many ways.
    Have a great day

  11. Happy, Happy Birthday. I love all the things you love and you should be surrounded with them today! Hugs from me. Mona

  12. Happy Happy Birthday to both of you! Hope the party was a smashing success! xoxo

  13. Thank you for your sweet comment Sally!! I missed you too, good to be back home and in blogland, Kathysue

  14. Happy, happy belated
    b-day to YOU and to
    sweet Tyler!! I am
    smitten with the images
    of the barn room and
    the workspace! And
    your roomies, of course : )
    And don't even get
    me started on Tyler's
    blue eyes....SO cute!
    May it be a year to
    remember, sweet Sally!
    xx Suzanne

  15. That is a fun celebration! Beautiful, just like you and your work. Sorry I'm belated in my well wishes to you!!

    Happy day and here's to another year of getting better with age :)



  16. I hope you had a great birthday Sally !

  17. Good Day Lovely Lady~ ~ ~
    Enjoying you blog very much. Your pumpkins ar so sweet. Do you sell them or would you share your directions for making them with us?
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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