Friday, January 28, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

I was going through my picture files of projects that I’ve completed for clients over the last several years, and knowing that everyone likes a good before and after, I thought I’d post one.
The house had been rental property, but the owner was moving back into town and wanted to live in the house.  Needless to say, it had been trashed!  (Never give renters painting rights without approving the colors!) They had destroyed so much of this house…holes in the sheetrock, water leaks unattended….a mess!
The master bathroom was actually a series of little spaces….a dressing area, a closet and the room with the tub and toilet.  I opened up the whole space, reoriented the placement of the plumbing and created a very functional and lovely room.
Here’s what I had to work with.  Look at all the doors!  (What’s behind Door # 1?)  Ug….
Demo Everything!!!
Lovely wallpaper behind the mirro….actually, it’s kind of back in style again, isn’t it?  I think it might have been an improvement over the forest green paint!!
Bathroom demo - master sink
Moving the plumbing means digging and lots of mess….yuk!
master demo 
But it was worth it!
Master, finished 001
She now has a huge walk in shower,
Master, finished 005
Tons of storage.  There is also a full length mirror between the large custom cabinets.  There was another closet in the bedroom to house hang-up clothes.  The client was pretty much a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and wasn’t interested in hanging storage in this space.
Master Bath - finished 003
We created a vanity with lots of mirrors to open up the space.  The shelves have mirrored backs to display a perfume bottle collection.
Copy of Master Bath - finished 001 
Since the 70’s bathrooms were not known for being spacious and luxurious, I tried to create as much floor space as possible.
Master, finished 002Now that’s a transformation huh?
fain master before 
And After!
Master, finished 001
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  1. Good call on the french doors! Nice job, Sally!

  2. Nice, Sally! I feels so much bigger. I'm sure your clients were very happy! I love a good clean design.

  3. You worked some magic on that bath, it's so much better !

  4. Beautiful, Sally! You are good! ;)

  5. Wow! That's gorgeous... you did a great job.....

  6. WOW..the new bath should add some romance to that family. So lovely!

  7. Truly miraculous. I'm with Kim--good call on the French doors.

  8. Great transformation. What a dreadful sight that was!!

  9. Great job. I know your clients have to be pleased as punch!

  10. What a great bathroom transformation! I'm loving the whole new closet!


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