Monday, January 3, 2011

HELLO....2011 !!!

I'm not big on the whole resolution thing to start the new year, mostly because I've had many years before where the momentum of the resolve had dissipated by about the second week of January!   I know I'm not alone in this  (I've read your blogs this week!), but there is some comfort in knowing that looking forward to improve ourselves or our lot in life is a universal thing.  

My list of goals and resolutions has gotten shorter and shorter with each passing year, and so this year, in that spirit, I resolve to be happy....every day.  To be grateful....every day.  and to recognize that "It's ALL good"....every day.

In that spirit, today's post is just a collection of images that make me feel good when I see them....that make me 

Patrice Cowan Bevins Interiors

This bedroom picture always stops me in my tracks.  I think it's the art because I realize I don't pay much attention to anything else.  If the rest of the room didn't work, I'd probably notice.  

Apartment Therapy

I want to sleep in this bed and look out this window.  I think I want to be in whatever place would have this wonderful attic space for sleeping.  There is probably a mountain nearby, don't you think?

I love painted furniture, and I love to paint it myself.  I like using furniture as a canvas, so I'm resolving to do more furniture painting this year.  I'm itching to be artistic, so I'll be taking commissions again this year.....or maybe I'll just paint for me....but either way, it's time to go there again.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Over the last few years, I've spent all my time working on my business and I've let lots of things that are important to me get pushed to the back.....entertaining being one of the big things.  So this year, I'm going to have people into my home again....and I'm going to cook!  Imagine that!

This year, I'm hoping to add more pink to my life.  I'm hoping to have a client that is dying to use "Honeysuckle", the color of the year.  If not, then I have a guest bedroom that will work.

I love to transform...kitchens, bathrooms, furniture (and even me!).  I can't wait to dig into some great remodel projects and watch the magic happen.

Country Living

I want a beautifully organized and pretty to look at craft room, and this is the  year I'm going to get it. (I can hear the snickers of my family right now).  I have a craft room, which is really a junk room, but one way or another, I'm going to make this space happen this year....Promise!

Wilson Creek

I'm going to sit on a porch like this at some point this year.  It will probably be connected to that attic sleeping space above!   I'll have a good book and a basket of knitting and all the peace in the world.  Join me???

That's my list for today.  Knowing my history, I'll have a new list in a couple of weeks!
But, isn't that what it's really all about...finding the things that make you happy in THIS moment?   
I wish all of us an abundantly happy and prosperous new year!  Cheers!

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  1. Yes, I'm not big into resolutions at the New Year...never last long! Better to address anything that needs changing as it arises during the year...

    You are so right on that bedroom, my eyes completely stopped at the painting and didn't go anywhere else until I read what you wrote about it. Then went back to notice the rest of the room. It is gorgeous, the painting and the room.


  2. I'm in! Thanks for being real about how far you'd go with a resolution :) The Jeffrey room is smashing! Happy New Year XO

  3. Good luck with your goals for the new year! Mine includes getting more sleep and being more organized! I'd love to have your opinion of the giveaway I'm doing on my blog for local realtors. Trying to make my community more aware that I'm here! I'm going to realtor offices today to drop off some info about the giveaway with baskets of Starbucks Via coffee packets and Hershey's kisses. I hope to get some attention! Carla

  4. Thanks for those inspiring images. And yes you are right, life is what makes us happy today. I would love to join you in that house by the mountains with the beautiful views ;) May 2011 bring you lots of happiness!

  5. They make me happy to. What a great way to start my week!!

  6. I love seeing what makes you happy. Obviously you are drawn to natural light and have a passion for whimsy. Both really good things. Have a great week. Mona

  7. The wall treatment in the fourth pic is outstanding. I love that patina-like effect.


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