Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank You Very Much!

It was quite a treat to open my mail box this week and find a note from Nancy Marcus, who writes Marcus Design Blog, giving me this!

What fun!!
The rules are simple.....Link back to the person who sent the award, blog about 7 things about yourself and send it on to 10 blogs you love!  

I can do that!

I've enjoyed reading Nancy's blog for a while now, finding that her design esthetic is close to mine.  She's an aspiring decorator and I can tell she has a great eye and talent for design.  
So click over and visit Nancy's blog today.  Her latest post is on gallery walls....You'll learn something!  
Thanks again, Nancy!

Hmmmmmm..... 7 Things about me????

1.  I have discovered audio books, and I'm hooked!  I listen in the car, while I'm doing laundry or while I'm getting ready for work in the mornings.  Such a multi-tasker!

2.  I spent 17 years in public education, the last 7 of the as an educational diagnostician, testing kids for special ed programming.  I don't miss it!  (I miss the lovely people I met and the kids and teachers I worked with, but I'm grateful to be working as a designer instead!)

3.  I laid all the hardwood floors in my!!!
(Here's a sampling along with the amazing McGuire tables that I found for $19 a pair!  I probably messed with their value by painting them orange, but I'm happy with them!)

Which brings me to #4......I love a good, junky store!  I like to dig for treasures that someone else might have missed!  I pride myself on having a good eye for quality, so I'm always finding something wonderful when I go junking....a favorite Friday afternoon pasttime.

5.   I've been experiencing a shift in my design style, and I have to admit that I'm waffling between several styles that I love.  The question is, what style do I want to live with now?

I'm leaning toward a more edited (although the bookcase isn't the greatest example of editing should have seen it before!), yet colorful and artistic look that says "Sally" when you walk in.  I love my newly painted and styled bookshelves.

6.  I drive this.....

But I'd love one of these....

Just don't know where I'd put this....

7.  I have some of the greatest clients you could ask for, and I'm grateful everyday that I get to walk into my studio and do what I love.  Thank you all for being so loyal to Sally J. Designs over the years.  I can't wait to see what we do next!

Now on to the fun part....
You've got to check out these lovely blogs.  
1.  Isabelle and Max's Rooms by Janelle is full of stylish DIY projects that don't ever look DIY.  Janelle has great style and writes an amazing blog.
2.  Life at 5 feet - Style Attic by Kelly ( a Chi O sista and fellow Texan too!).  Kelly has a talented eye for design and she's doing some amazing photography as well.
3.  VT Interiors  is one of my favorite blogs for inspiration.  Viera is an interior designer in Australia, and she has great taste and style.  
4.  Ragland Hill Social is written by Gwen Driscoll, fabulous designer from Memphis.  She shares projects she's working on as well as things that inspire her as a designer.  She's a cool person too!
5.  My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia by Kristin.  She was one of the first bloggers I got to know when I started blogging, and I've been following her DIY projects and design finds ever since.
6. The Virginia House is a fairly new blog to me.  She's been transplanted to Texas from Virginia and brings that Southern flair with her.
7.  Varnish is written by Amy who is an interior designer in Las Vegas.  She has a fresh and colorful style which I love.
8.  A Life's Design  is a popular blog written my Megan, celebrating all things beautiful in design.  She's got great photography and amazing projects that you'll love.
9.  ABCDDesign Sketch Book is written by the Twitter Queen and blogger extraordinaire, Amy Dragoo.  She is an artist and stylist who is renovating an old farmhouse while she creates an amazing career in all things design!
10.  Chattafabulous, written by Kim, has just embarked on a new adventure of opening a store, The Green Room Interiors, in Chattanooga.  Follow her along in this exciting new venture.

Thanks again, Nancy, for giving me to opportunity to showcase some of my favorite bloggers and bask in the sunshine of this lovely award!


  1. Yay!!!! Congratulations Sally, and very well deserved my friend!! Nancy is a jewel and I love her blog also!! I see you have listed a few blogs I am unfamiliar with, I will go and check them out!! You stylish Diva, YOU!! xo Kathysue

  2. Thanks for including me in your list and congratulations. I loved learning more about you, I'm impressed you installed your own hardwood flooring! Janell

  3. Dear Sally,

    A big TX sized thank you for the sweet words and mention here! It's always a pleasure to connect with a hometown girl! I am so impressed (but not surprised) with your handy dandy work! I am such a DIYer myself :) And so interesting about the 17 YEARS in public ed!! That makes you smart AND stylish for sure :) XXOO Kelly

  4. congratulations Sally! It is always nice to get to know a bit about our favorite bloggers and I enjoyed visiting some of your favorite blogs.

  5. Congrats on the award... it's well deserved.... what fabulous hardwood flooring!


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