Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cubbie Love

Do you find that there are certain design elements or features that you are always drawn to? 
Maybe its a color, or a shape or a furniture piece that you can’t ever resist. 
I have a thing for drawers….and cubbies and anything that features them…..
Susan Dossetter
Suzanne Dossetter
I know.
I think I must have been a carpenter in another life, because I love pieces that have multiple drawers and cubbies. 
I know I’m not alone.  Everyone loves this library wall that Kelly Wearstler did.
A cool library themed lounge at the Viceroy
And we have all ooooed and ahhhhed over this stainless steel island ( and the amazing pendant lights) that has floated over blog land forever.
Diamond Baratta design2
I am so covetous of those DRAWERS!   And it’s not even about the storage…..just love looking at them lined up like little soldiers all in a row.  (I do wonder which of the ones that come together at the corner are functional…..they both can’t be?  Anything for symmetry, I guess!)
I ran across this beauty at a flea market, and so wanted it for a kitchen island, but I didn’t have the client who loved it as much as I did.  I love the box of drawers sitting on top too.
VT Interiors 109
VT Interiors 111
And then there is this map chest that I found….I’m thinking of all the cool little things that could find a home in all those little narrow drawers….placemats, scarves, paper….oh the endless possibilities!
I design most of my kitchens with a multitude of drawers rather than base cabinets because they are so functional…..or maybe because I  just like them!
Finished ! 007
Have you seen more beautiful drawers than this….be still my heart!
19c Swedish secretary
…or these?
Ada and Darcy tumblr_le7kbuMdZo1qzlriyo1_400
OK…not so many drawers, but it’s pink and it has a cubbie too!
I think my love for drawers and cubbies must have something to do with my constant quest to be organized….not that I’m winning that battle, mind you,  but if I had this, wouldn’t I be getting close?
tobacco-cabinet-craftproj County Living 3
How about a rotating cubbie for my shoes?
shoe storage
or my books….
Or for beautiful objects d’ art!
Mimi Williams Atlanta Homes

I think I love drawers and cubbies because they can be functional and beautiful….two ingredients necessary for good design.
Shazalyn Cavin-Winfrey of SCW Interiors Cowan and Tout fabric
SCW Interiors
tobi farley at home arkansas 2
Tobi Fairley
Or maybe it’s the mystery of wondering what’s inside.
I realize in the grand scheme of design elements that I could obsess over,  having a “thing” for cubbies and drawers might seem a bit eccentric, and I’m really ok with that.  I kind of like the idea of eccentricity as I age.  You don’t need to worry about me until I start looking at canes and walkers in the same way!! Tee Hee!……although a lovely, handcarved cane…….hmmmm?


  1. I love drawers. Never really thought about my motivation before! Perhaps it's the possibilities of what is inside :) This is a great post, Sally - and that map chest would have definitely followed me home - how did you resist?!

  2. So much to look at in this post...I've not seen that great kitchen, the ss island is amazing. Interesting point about the drawers, hum...

    And that, the color inside. Divine.

    Have a great day! Janell

  3. I think cubby beds are so fun..... and that word makes me think of kindergarten, can't get much more fun than that !

  4. Now that you mention it - I tend to like drawers and cubbies as well. So many wonderful images here - especially love that incredible piece in the first shot and the marvelous secretary!

  5. I love drawers too... I especially love kitchen cabinets with all the little customized just for you pullouts.... so fun!

  6. I love a cute cubbie! It makes me want to put something away! Anything that can do that is wonderful!

  7. You are still young yet and stylish canes are in a galaxy far far away :) Judging from these selections and zest to own and fill these nooks, you are still fresh as ever. Hello, that pink number you warned me about?! I am scanning for anything in my house that might fall victim to the same pink disease!! XOXO

  8. I love cubbies too! Probably because I love stuff!!!These are some great images.

  9. The map chest is my favorite! I love the secretary too...

  10. Great post Sally and I agree that one piece would have been a great kitchen island!!! xo Kathysue

  11. Two great minds think alike!! Ilove anything with drawers, small, large, long or narrow. I just have a thing for chests of drawers of any size. How weird is that? Thanks for the beautiful photos...I was like a kid in a candy store.

  12. Sally , first kitchen is just perfect.

    Map chest and drawers are from one of the most famous university in Europe Prague (Karlova University).
    Have a great weekend.

  13. I adore a good collection of cubbies - and this is a great collection. Although, I wouldn't want to have to clean all the cubbies!



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