Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little zig and a little zag

 It all started with this rug from FLOR….

Flor SophistiakSophistikat” from FLOR

If you’re not familar with FLOR, they sell carpet squares…..really cool ones!  I love this chevron pattern, and if you lay the squares in different directions, you can have a brand new pattern.  And the part that I like is that if Henry (The Big Dog) gets one of them dirty, I can just pop it out and replace it with a clean one!  How cool is that!

Anyway…I digress.

I’ve become smitten with chevron.

Of course, that sends me out in to cyberworld to see other great designs that bridge classic traditional with modern trends.

judith barrett lennard design1 Judith Barrett Lennard

This floor is so beautiful, and those of you under 40 might even think it’s a brand new look, but this patterns was found in many upscale homes built in the 50’s and 60’s.  What goes around, comes around, and this awesome floor feels right at home in 2011.

chevron floor via Apt Therapy_richard_woods_floor_rect540 Apartment Therapy

Same floor, completely different look.

Miles-Redd-Entry-HallMiles Redd

I love to take risks in design, and anything Miles Redd does is great inspiration for me.  This marble tile chevron is crazy! but that’s what separates Miles from the rest of the pack.

marie burgoss design Marie Burgoss Design

This looks like it might be a floor cloth…not sure, but that could be a great way to bring the chevron to the floor without having a permanent installation.  I think this could be fun…..for a little while!

Chevrons don’t have to be relegated to the floor…..moving on up to the wall. 


There are tutorials that will show you how to do this paint technique on the wall.  Buy lots of tape and sharpen up your math skills!

It might be easier to hang this amazing wallpaper instead.JS interior design

JS Interiors

I love the statement that this backsplash tile makes.  Paired with rustic neutrals in this kitchen , they are the star of the show.

(I wonder is Miles Redd has seen this???)

Anne-Marie-Midy-and-Jorge-Almada-of-Casamidy Casa Midy

I think every fabric company has a chevron pattern in their line.  Great for drapery and even upholstery, the chevron pattern always brings energy into a space.

blount-design-chevron-drapes Blount Designs


Atlanta Homes

Rubie Green fabric

Rubie Green fabric

Stephen Gambre chevron drapesl

  Stephen Gambrell

And then my favorite….the painted furniture!

1st dibs

1st Dibs


chevron table from sunset mag via this is glamorous

Sunset Magazine

 What an easy way to get a new look to a vintage  piece!

I’m making way for some chevron in my life this year… way or another!

Yeah, this will work too!!

The traveliing boutique

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  1. I like the Marie Burgoss Design! its cool

  2. Lovely pattern indeed. I love the first vignette you posted, and never noticed that the rug is made uo of little squares! Love chevron floors, with an exception of the painted version, that's just way too much for me :)

    Xo Linda

  3. Great Post Miss Sally!!! You have shown some wonderful examples of course my favorite is the black and white, go figure, Have a wonderful weekend, How is that kitchen coming along? Kathysue

  4. Love chevron patterns...I didn't know Flor made one that could become this pattern! Janell

  5. Love the chevron always! Great post Sally!

  6. I saw a great chevron fire place surround in a Florida cottage. It was so chic and very 40's. I love that Hollywood glam era. See you on FB.

  7. I do love the chevron pattern, it's like flamestitch's younger child ;)

  8. antique herringbone floors are a major component of my dream home.. sigh :) beautiful..

  9. A terrific timeless pattern that, as you have shown, can give a little zip to any style decor. The blue Miles Redd foyer is one of my all time favorite shots - love everything he does!!

  10. Love the antique herringbone floors, and that ring. I could certainly call that my own. It's snowing in Little Rock, How about Dallas? We are so excited here.

  11. I too adore chevron. Love all the images you've shown!

  12. What gorgeous examples, and I'm smitten with anything Miles Redd...

  13. I just ordered a few rug swatches from Flor. I love the wood floor laid in the chevron pattern.

    Amy R.

  14. Hi Sally!

    I have a little something for you over on my blog today :)

    Nancy xo

  15. i didn't know FLOR has chevron in stock now! found you Markus Design! :)

  16. Oh nice post...
    lovely collection of images...
    I especially love the one from Blount Designs.

  17. Miles Redd can deliver can't he?! Man, awesome inspiration!! Atlanta Homes mag never disappoints either :) I am right there with you in that pattern!!!

  18. Love the Miles read space. Those tiles are so awesome!!


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