Monday, January 31, 2011

Market Finds

I love painted furniture.  
I love to use furniture as a on a drawer!
No one does it better to me than Guildmasters, and I took a couple of pics at market last week of  a couple of new pieces.  
I'll admit....whimsey is their middle name ( or maybe their first name!), but they inspire me to bring some fun into every space I design.

Do you recognize this pattern?  It's an open stock fabric pattern that a couple of the big fabric houses have picked up.  This is painted on!  I'm using it for inspiration for an armoire at my house.  I'll post pictures when I finally get it finished!

The neutral tones of this piece allow it to fit easily into many different decors.  Wouldn't it be a fabulous dining room buffet? got to really look at this one.  It's a painted dart board, and the handles are all "darts" that have been thrown.  They are even at odd angles just like a real dart would be.  The circles are bottle caps!  Real ones!  How fun would this be in a game room!  

I love Guildmaster!  They are represented at the Dallas Market by InDetail and available through retailers and designers ( like me!)

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  1. i like that stock fabric pattern! lovely!

  2. They do have great stuff ! I love the paisley dresser.

  3. Have you seen the One of a Kind painted pieces in our store? The craftsmen at the Wind Rose do exquisite work. I like old Italian painted pieces as well.

  4. These are great finds. Love that top dresser!

  5. Sally how very fun!! I too love painted furniture, I have screens I am looking for special inspiration to paint!

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    Art by Karena

  6. I have always loved painted furniture and am glad to see it is back in style. That paisley chest is to die for!! Thanks for sharing

  7. I've been looking forward to your Market Previews. I was planning to go but ran out of time and energy trying to get settled here!

  8. I love hand painted pieces of furniture as well. these are lovely pieces. MOna

  9. Love the warm feel of hand painted furniture...these are so fun and whimsical!!

  10. That paisley piece is so much fun!

  11. That dart board is just a neat piece :) Totally unexpected!


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