Sunday, June 20, 2010

For all the Men we Love

Let me begin by thanking all the wonderful fathers I have known.   We all celebrate your love, influence and impact you have on your children. 

I really love you guys!


There's this little problem of the "Man-Chair" and your inflexible desire to have one that looks like this.....
Note the attached appendage...uh....I mean, remote control.

I hardly know what to say.......

As a designer, or a woman who really tries to do a beautiful job decorating her  home, we have to work "with" these! 

My sweet little client will come to me and say, "I really trust you, and I want my family room to look just like the magazine pictures....I really do.  There's only one little thing
(dum dum ta da dum.....)

.....My husband's recliner just HAS to stay!"


So we're going to leave the elephant in the room....sigh......

I've long since stopped trying to understand.
Why do they think that a chair is only comfortable if it looks like a marshmellow???

What do fashionable women of good taste do?

Even this is better.

the Crosby recliner by Lane

I  can live with this...maybe......

Getting better.
Hayslip Designs

Personally I think a comfy chair and ottoman is a great way to go.  It is big enough, comfortable enough, and can be designed to balance in the room. 

Adrienne Morgan, Interior Designer

I's about taking a nap during the ball game!

Isn't that what beds are for....or even sofa's?
Why is it necessary to sleep in a chair? 

But if you have to have a recliner, maybe something a little more modern would work.

Rolf Benz

Gravity Balance Recliner

classic Eames recliner and ottoman from Herman Miller

And althougth this chair doesn't recline, it's a beautiful shape and would be soooo easy to work into a design plan.

Orlando Diaz-Azchuy

I'm not a heartless designer. (Anyway, I know when I've been beat!)
Here's a recliner we are customizing for a client right now.
The frame will be upholstered in chocolate leather, and the cushions will be covered in the Kravet houndstooth.  Masculine, but stylish!  Oh, yeah!

How do you manage the ManChair? 
Help!  I need your ideas!!

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  1. I am very inflexible with my clients when it comes to this Man Chair...If you have to lay that far back you should be in bed.;) So the chair can go in the study or library...and in an area that your visitors see you can add one of those fabulous chairs you have designed....Very nice

  2. Great post Sally, I think what you are doing is the perfect answer. I like you try to do the chair and ottoman. I did that in my own home and it is everyones favorite chair. I like the addition of the hounds tooth.I have a brown leather recliner in my den but it looks very much like the chair that you have posted as looking better,hehe.When shopping for chairs I tell the wives do not let your husband sit in the marshmallow chair because that will be the one you will have to take home. Only show them chairs to sit in that you even want to consider.Have a great day today and thanks for your sweet comment this morning, Hugs Kathysue

  3. kristie@makingarrangementsblog.comJune 20, 2010 at 8:05 PM

    I am SOOOO with you on this one, Sally! Can't wait to read more of your blog.

  4. Great post. My husband loves a man chair, the puffier the better. (That's what I call the ones with the extra poufy part, puffy chairs.)

    I would draw the line at the wooden lever thing and that pouch on the side, never!

  5. We have a man is not leaving us. It has moved in forever and, unless my other half decides to go somewhere else, the chair stays. Its big, its ugly and its all leather puffiness. Yuck. He wonders why I am in a bad mood over the living area? Why are you staring at my chair and looking at swatches? How do you incorporate a man chair is beyond 8 years later. BTW it was his first purchase using my bonus money from work. NIce.

  6. Just found your blog through your FB comment....and glad I did. I am actually moving to Dallas later this year and glad to see another Dallas blogger!

    Re: the man chair....I really hate the thing....the top image and the similar sofa make me CRINGE. I often suggest some of the recliners from Norwalk (get them through Charles Ray Showroom here in DC) for a compromise. I think your solution looks great!


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