Wednesday, July 21, 2010

....And the Domino falls.

If you keep up with Divine Distractions, you know that the team at Sally J Designs have been up to our elbows in kitchen design over the last couple of weeks. 

It's hard to do kitchens for other people and not reflect upon your own.

This is my kitchen....Country French mode....time warp!

I've enjoyed my kitchen for the last 8 years.  I've loved Country French most of my did my mom.
I love color....always will.

That's just not me anymore.

Designers, probably more than anyone else, fall in and out of love with design styles, and while I'm not "out of love" with Country French, I'm more "in love" with a clean and modern aesthetic.

It's not an easy leap from one design style to another....sigh....

I spent last weekend painting my open plan living area in this

Sherwin Williams "Macadamia"

And the trim in this...

Sherwin Williams "Dover White"
This looks really yellow here....think white!

Do you see my problem?

The paint colors throughout my house all had a warm golden base to them (think SW "Blonde"), and now I've changed the game.  While "Macadamia" is a warm beige, it has alot of brown and gray in it. 

Macadamia, cool and modern, and buttery yellow, distressed cabinets just can't live together any more.

And to complicate matters even further,all reds and golds are going by-by throughout the house, and I'm using these fabrics in orange and deep turquoise along with a good bit of black,white and some navy.

Duralee - Thomas Paul collection, Kravet velvet

Can you say TOTAL REDO!!!!

All I really wanted to do was paint my bathroom,

my sink cabinet...way too much junk on the countertop...please forgive! 

(Can you tell this was my "Artist's Boho Period"???)

...which led to changing out the wall color...then the trim had to be changed.....
Are you following me here?

I need your help.
I would never go about designing a client's home the way I've done mine.
Working off of a "whim" is not generally the progression I follow.  And to complicate matters, I have no budget!!

I HAVE to paint my kitchen, cabinets and all.
I'm open for suggestions.
I like the dark base cabinets, and I like the light uppers'
But I'm not married to anything ( or anyone, for that matter!  LOL)

Other than keeping my copper ceiling....which I love....
I'm open to change....guess you could tell that!
Colors are fair game.

I want suggestions.  What would you do with the cabinets? 
(Burning down is not an option.)


  1. These are some big changes, wow. I like your direction...and I'm a little overwhelmed reading this post! You've pointed out a big problem with being a designer...I already see one room I'm ready to redo in my house! This is a great thing though, really, it will keep me in this house for a long time!! Instead of moving once the house is done, I'll just start over.

    Good luck with all your plans! Janell

  2. You're so right, Janelle. I had a flood in my house, a breakup of a long term relationship, and I just wanted to fill my space with stuff and colors! Obviously, I'm not there anymore, so I'm ready for a calmer space for a calmer me.
    But I've bit off a huge bite (and a small budget!) so paint is the first place to go. Good luck in your beautiful home.

  3. WOW, what a project!! I really like the Macadamia color, what a great name for a paint color, by the way. I would try a gray, or even a green gray in the kitchen. I am just loving gray everything right now. And it works particularly well with a bright pop color, much like the reds and navy blues you are thinking about. Take lots of pictures to show your progress, can't wait to see the final product!

  4. Hazards of the job, I'm afraid. Did I mention that in 4.5 years I've done all my window treatments twice and painted most of the rooms twice. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. I'm assuming you need to keep the backsplash and the tile. I would paint the bottom cabinets the darkest neutral featured in the backsplash tile. That way we are neutralizing instead of defining. That way it won't clash with the ceiling either. For the upper cabinets, I would paint those the same color, but it would look different without the distress details. I love the mosaic over the cooktop, so use some of those colors by popping out a few rectangles on the upper cabinet doors (maybe on each side of the cooktop), replace with glass and then pick out a fab fabric and feature it behind the glass shirred. You could go tone on tone for depth and detail, or use one of the colors in the mosaic use an update pattern to speak volumes. Lastly, hardware. Maybe matching painted wood knobs up top and do a brushed updated traditional pull on the bottom. None of this probably makes, sense...I can picture what I'm trying to convey!! Keep us posted, it will look great whatever you decide to do :)

  6. Sally Oh Sally!!! The hazards of the job. I listen to the words people use. You used calmer, quieter feel. With that in mind I would neutralize the cupboards top and bottom. I also know you want to brighten up so choose the lightest value of the macadamia for top and bottom cupboards. Change the knobs and Voila, new kitchen. I think use color in accessories but keep the cupboards soft. I like the direction you are going!!! Keep us posted,Kathysue


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