Monday, July 26, 2010

Barn love

How do you put some life into a converted barn?

Blackburn Architects, Leesville Va.

A raspberry sectional, of course!
(and certainly this gi-nourmous dog.....but I kind of love gi-nourmous dogs!)

Much, much, much to love here.
Do you have a fav?


  1. WOW...I would have never in a million years made this choice but it works brilliantly!! Janell

  2. The raspberry certainly brings it all to life. Great pic.

  3. Glammed up barn - now that is unexpected (and beautiful too!)

  4. My cousin did her barn in assorted Roberta Freeyman fabrics and it is sensational. I am now longing for a barn house with a fantastic swimming pool. Look at the best farm ever post: part I. I think she did an awesome job:

  5. First time here. Have been snooping around for about 30 minutes. You have a new follower. Great posts!

  6. Love this, such a great space!

  7. would move in that in a second. luv it and the blog as usual.

  8. The raspberry sectional is fab!! It adds so much life and colour to the space. Also like the floor lamp, the chandelier, the dining table, and the red artwork. And definitely love the ginormous dog too!! :-)



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