Friday, July 9, 2010

I like!

I have a picture folder in my files that is simply titled "Rooms I like".  Usually, I am a little more clever than that. 

This room was created by Dallas designer, Neal Stewart, and was featured in D-Home magazine.

Why do I like this space? 

I love the eclectic mix of furniture styles...french provencial chair, modern leather club chairs, mid-century coffee table...great mix.

I never thought I'd say this again, but I'm really loving this gilded gold Giacometti lamp.  I think I finally got rid of all my gilded gold about this time last year.  I guess I'm going to have to hit the GoodWill and see if I can get it all back!
The lamp's got a great traditional shape, and it's pumped up with the gold gilded finish...very chic and very 2010!

The linen panels are so complimentary to the putty gray of the walls.  The wall color is the backup singer to the Chinese red chest and the convex mirrors.  I love the way the mirrors brighten up the wall and fill up the space between the window panels. 

So tell me you expected a VERY large scale nude over the sofa in this room!  I think its a beautiful painting, but I'd hate to have to explain it to the grandkids.  I'm sure there would be some giggles.

No room is complete without books, if you ask me.  I  like the casual way these are stacked, like they are opened and referred to on a regular basis. 

I think this is a very livable room, and I like it!

Do you?


  1. I find the room very livable and elegant at the same time. The mirrors are eye catching.
    I agree- have to have books in a room. Stacks, in fact!

  2. I agree completely about the curtains which are graceful and very nicely done. I don't feel the rug's up to the rest of it. Never saw that Giacometti lamp copied before. The original is dark bronze. One of my all-time faves. So appreciate you stopping by to see our tile. Jane F.

  3. The head on a post in the corner is way to much of a reach in design creativity for my artistic eye to see in that room.
    But yes we can all find something in anyone's work to point out. So please no one take me wrong. The room presents itself as very warm, functional and comfortable.

  4. Love it! I love the red chest, and I also love the skyline view out the window! XO!

  5. Lovely, classic interiors! I hope you are having a delightful weekend! Kellie x

  6. OK, the bust (or head!) is a bit ominous, I'll agree. Just think about him as a sentry taking care of the space. You can rub his head for good luck!

  7. Agree! Books and more books for me as well!

  8. i definitely like it!
    livable, understated, classy, and classic

  9. I'm always drawn to rooms with pieces that look like they were collected over the years. This room has that feel. My favorite part, however, are the 3 mirrors lined up in a row.


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