Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mid week Inspiration

It's Wednesday...again! 
I don't know where the days go any more, but we are so busy these days that it seems like they are whizzing by.

Wish I had time for a nice long, leisurely post, but it just ain't happening today!

But I found a lovely photo from a room designed by one of my favorite designers, Mary McDonald.  Perhaps you'll be inspired by Mary's beautiful work.

Go forth, and create!!


  1. Nice, short and sweet. Curious/funny how the bookshelves in the background are nicely organized with accessories and a few books, while hiding on the table in front of the fireplace are big stacks of books.

  2. If only my bedroom was as roomy to work out all that loveliness in! The bookshelves, the fireplace and the detail on the nightstands...it just doesn't end in this picture!

  3. Looking at this bedroom just makes me want to take a nap, can I create later?!!

  4. I noticed that too, Laura. I actually had this pic filed in my "Collections" folder rather than bedrooms. I think stacked books say so much about the person who lives there, and pair that with the refinement of the shelving collection, and I'm thinking this is an interesting person to know!

    Kathysue....sweet dreams!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE it!! This bedroom image is inspiring! The white bedding with a touch of black, the dark recessed shelves, those darling chairs, and of course stacks and stacks of books to read... I could retire to this room for the rest of my life. It is soothing, sophisticated, and just plain beautiful.
    P.S. I love love the post on bedspreads as well! I had a white chenille bedspread as a child, and I too was taught to tuck my pillows just right. Thank you for bringing back those fun memories. I am becoming a fan of your blog this instant!

  6. In love with that bookcase, she is one talented lady.

  7. What a stunning room!! I wouldn't have covered up so much of that stunning tufted headboard...but I really like to see tufting.


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