Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To Ikat or Not????

When did you first hear of Ikat fabric? 

Anthony Todd, Interior designer

Was it in design school, or maybe from a blogger or did you read about it in a magazine?  It's been a fairly good trend for a few years now.

JK Capri, Interior designer

I was slow coming to the table....
Just was a little concerned that it looked a little global for my clients.

Amanda Nesbitt, Interior designer

But, I'm not always a slow learner.  I recognize when I need to get on board.
I am there.  I'm actually thinking of using one of these from Duralee myself.

I like this one too.  Anyone know who makes this?

Kristen Hutchins, Interior designer

But what do you think?  Yea? or Nay? to Ikat?

Lee Jofa


  1. The blue fabric on the pillows looks like a Laura Ashley Ikat pattern called Tillbury.

  2. Love Ikat, I think it is timeless!! Go for it, I think it will look great in the room you are thinking about,Kathysue

  3. Unfortunately, I have never warmed up to the trend. Global is a way to put it. I find it just a bit too ethnic for me ( I don't like Navajo art either or African masks, unless you have a true real life connection). The examples you have showed here were all lovely, but I almost think one can achieve a similar effect without having to use ikats. Trust me, mine will be the only nay vote. :)

    I guess I AM a slow learner. :D Even my 70+ yr old mother in law has fallen in love with the fabric.

  4. I've worked with a lot of it and I like it ! My next post is "I" is for Ikat, maybe I'll just put a link to your post... ;)

  5. Those purple Ikat wing backs are TO DIE FOR!!!

  6. I am pretty sure the fabric you are interested in is called Tilbury Lapis, available thru Calico Corners. Can you tell that I am a HUGE fan of this trend? :)

  7. Hey, Sally, I like Ikat a lot, but think it might need to be used sparingly. I'm not sure I'd do a whole chair in it, but pillows or accent pieces would be great. I do like how graphic they are.

  8. Rhonda @ Interior Design DetailsJuly 7, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    I'm with Rhoda on this one. Ikat looks more impressive and beautiful used "sparingly," as an accent. When done so, Ikat looks like a work of art. Too much of it and it will date the room fast.

  9. I am also a fan of this fab fabric! All the patterns I find appealing. What determines if I like it or not usually just comes down to the colors used in it. It's no doubt a hard sell to most, but it deserves a try and I always do :)

  10. I love the Ikat. I have one pillow on my sofa in a pale blue and ivory.

    Kravet has some of it in their books.


  11. Yes to ikat! I love it, and I think if you don't have too much of it, it isn't overwhelming, it's a nice accent! And I first heard of it, like everything else, from blogland! XO!

  12. Some of those are beautiful, others not. I learned what IKAT was through blogging - no idea before that!

  13. Sally, I love ikat, but only if it's a single color plus white. Don't at all like the multi-colored patterns. And I like a bigger pattern, like on those fab wing chairs! Have a great weekend Sally -and thanks for quietly fanning my FB page. I appreciate you so much!

  14. love the Ikat prints, but I think they are like brights - a little goes a long way.. and I'm with Kim, single colors plus white have a certain elegance.

  15. I do like Ikat even if it is a bit too much viewed lately, but as an accent I would still use it, maybe in a new combination of colors like the lilac in your post.

  16. I think a little ikat is a good thing. A pillow or a single chair. Just don't over-do!


  17. I love Ikat too, but agree with Brooke statement that it's best not to go overboard with it.

  18. Does anyone have a clue where I can find the lilac JK Capri chairs ikat fabric? I am searching for just that color for my dining room chairs and can't find it anywhere!

  19. Bari, if you send me your email address, I'll see if I can find it for you.

  20. Searching for the JK lilac ikat fabric. I found it at Dedar color 008 @ $300-$450 a yard. If the fabric on the wing chairs is different/ less expensive, could you please post it? I have been searching for months and it is either too expensive or sold out.


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