Friday, July 2, 2010

A Room for Keeps

Mary Engelbreit said it best.

The keeping room can be that spot.

Traditionally, the keeping room is a small, cozy space off the kitchen.  It's a place where you can host an intimate gathering with a great friend, enjoy the fireplace and a glass of wine with your significant other, or sit and read a book in the peaceful quiet. 

Margaret Chambers

Sometimes the keeping 'room' is really a keeping 'space'.  It functions as a place to invite guests into the kitchen without being IN the kitchen. 

Timber Home Living

Historically, the keeping room was in the center of the home, had a fireplace, and served as a place for the family to sleep during the cold winter time.  They were close to the fire, and close to each other.

Southern Accents Riverhills Show house

Through the years, the keeping room became the forerunner to the open concept space plan.  We've always loved having friends and family close by while cooking in the kitchen.

House Beautiful


The concept of a keeping room can work in a traditional space,

Or a more modern one.

Coastal Living

Regardless of style and shape, it's a great additon to any home.
I love the idea of a keeping room. 

Do you need a spot of your own too??


  1. I {heart} keeping rooms! I have always tried to call my living room a keeping room since moving in our currant house 3 years ago. It's open to the kitchen and just about the size of one with a fireplace. These photos are going to "keep" me on task of making sure it is just that!

  2. Interesting post Sally, I guess my family room is sort of a keeping room since it is right off my kitchen and divided by a kitchen bar. This is where everyone is at during family gatherings. I have always wanted to make my dinette more of a place to sit and read, Loved this post, gets me to thinking about my old idea. Kathysue

  3. I would love to have a keeping room in my house, especially with a fire place...perfect for those cold winter nights. Love the photos and post, thanks for sharing :-)

  4. We designed our home with a keeping room in place of a greatroom and it's the best thing we ever did! What a wonderful round up of images!

  5. I definitely need my own spot! Thank goodness we have a 3 bedroom house and there's just two of us! I love the idea of a keeping room, it's so New England. I like the top one, so cozy! Thank you for your sweet, sweet comments! XO!

  6. I would love one - sadly we have a tiny home! Have a gorgeous weekend xx

  7. The name of this space is relatively new to me, but the concept is amazing! What a fab post! Love these.

  8. I love keeping rooms! Have a very happy 4th, Sally!

  9. I just love the term "keeping rooms." I have a great room that one could categorize as a keeping room. It has a fireplace too and tons of natural light.


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