Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a Difference a Drape Makes

Here's a little fabric inspiration today from the wonderful designer, Phoebe Howard.

Want to see some more fabric inspiration? 
My first bi-monthly post for LowerOakLawn blog runs today (posts at 11amCST).  I'll be covering the fabric houses of the Dallas Design District for this wonderful blog, and today's post is all about Updated Classics.


  1. Beautiful photo,
    Sally ~ and gorgeous
    fabrics, too!
    I'll check out your
    other post later
    when I'm back from
    my morning "to-do's!"
    Hope yours is a
    happy one!
    xx Suzanne

  2. I'm off to check out the post...looks intriguing! Janell

  3. Oh Sally that is great I will be readding it!!! Looking forward to your post. Kathysue

  4. Lots of drapery talk on blogs today. I'm a happy girl !

  5. Congrats on your newest blogging venture, and I do so love long, billowy drapes (drama!)

  6. I am off to check out this blog....cannot wait to hear more about the design scene in what will soon be "home" for our family. Love your fabric inspiration.

  7. Dramatic drapery can make all the difference! Thanks for the inspiration and have a lovely weekend :)

  8. Good for you! I will check it out :) The fabric on those chairs is pretty amazing stuff as well!

  9. We are on the same page, posting Phoebe Howard photos. The delicate little pin-tucks give these delicate drapes dimension and makes them stand out like the skirt on a puffy sleeved girl's dress. I love the freshness of them.


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