Friday, July 30, 2010

That juxtaposition thing.

Sometimes you run across a photo of a room where one thing jumps out and pulls you it or no...and then when you stay with it a minute, you see all kinds of other things to like...or no..

Yep....This is one of those rooms for me.

This isn't a new pic to the blogesphere, but I just really started studying it the other day, and began to see some of Jenna Lyon's design brilliance shining through.

If you were to only see the top half of this room might see it as soft French country...gray walls, antique chandelier, beautiful high ceilings and dentil moldings.  You might even notice the iron balconies outside the full length French doors. 

But if you were to see only the bottom half of the room, might have a different impression...lots of color and graphics, a mix of modern and traditional furniture pieces...a bit of fun and whimsy thrown in for good measure...(I mean, who puts flokati rugs over their chairs?)

This rooms demonstrates to me why good eclectic design takes some skill, some bravery and a good bit of talent to acheive.

I think I'm jealous!

What do you think? 


  1. Jenna's home is one of my all time FAVORITES!!

  2. Yes, love this home! Very interesting post, the way you've cropped the image to illustrate your points is very effective and makes you think! Janell

  3. I think it's the bold choice of a bright yellow sofa that makes this room shine, but the ornate chandy mixed with the contemporary black chairs and zebra rug doesn't hurt either.

  4. You know how I love yellow!! But, the yellow sofa bothers me in this room. The style looks too generic for the room and the solid yellow looks off to me. Everything else in the room pulls me in but not the sofa, maybe if it had different pillows on it???!!! Happy Friday, sweet friend, Kathysue

  5. I think that
    I'm jealous, too!
    This room reminds
    me of a French
    woman, who can
    carelessly toss
    an outfit together...
    and it WORKS,
    Happy Weekend, Sally : )
    xx Suzanne

  6. I loved this room the first time I saw it in Domino. I love that strong yellow couch and the chandelier. All of that great architecture doesn't hurt either. Have a good weekend, Sally!

  7. Fantastic post, I love that you split the image in two, never seen it that way before! Whenever I see this photo I always look at the black cat pillow in the yellow sofa. That's the eye catcher for me =)

    --> And I believe those are sheepskins over the armchairs, but flokati is a way better idea, esp. for us animal lovers =D

    See, I'm getting a flokati and cutting it into little hide shapes after reading this post! Thanks for the great idea!!

    xo Linda

  8. We are all visual, some more than others. I am learning to see more through the lens of my camera and in images--Benji is teaching me. I am not a super modern type of gal, but I appreciate it. The rug pulls it all together for me, and Privet and Holly says it best.

  9. Jealousy does not even begin to cover it. I love this style of decorating, so fresh and vibrant.


  10. That was a greatvpost, how you split it up and described it. I too love this room!

  11. Love her home! And I never tire of looking at this picture, she is so, so talented, it's unbelievable! I think that mixing is definitely key here, she pulls it off beautifully! XO!

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