Friday, July 16, 2010

Dinner? Anyone?

When was the last time you had a dinner party? 

You know, the kind where you make a great meal, dress out your table and yourself, serve the good wine and put on some quiet background music? 

Yeah, I thought so....been a while?  Huh? 

I think we have become so casual in our approach to entertaining (and everything else) that we don't do many "dress - up" things any more.  It's just easier to throw on a pair of jeans and flip flops and go "hang out" with friends and family.

And that's ok...

Let's just think a minute about those wonderful settings where we might share a special meal or try to impress the boss or just do it for old time's sake!

The Dining Room....the dressiest place in the house.
Tom Stringer, Interior designer

Jackie Alberga featured in House and Home

Keith Irvine, Interior designer

Kara Mann, Interior Designer - Traditional Home

Richard Halberg and Barbara Wiseley, Interior designers

Neal Stewart, D-Home magazine

Barry Dixon, Interior Designer

Jeffrey Bilhuber, Interior Designer

Ralph Lauren

Suzanne Kasler, Interior Designer

Shiela Bridges, Interior Designer.  Her apt. in Harlem

John Saladino, Interior Designer

OK...are you inspired?
Now, go cook some dinner!


  1. Love your party of pictures!
    We give dinner parties on a regular basis!
    Would you like to dine with us?
    xo xo

  2. I really adore John Saladino's dining room!! It is nice to entertain with the best!

    Art by Karena

  3. These are beautiful. Every one of them. Thank you for all the ideas. It's inspiring me to have a formal dinner party very soon.

  4. I think posts are supposed to inspire and let something click, spark, or get a head bob with "Amen" thrown in there. I definitely had all those reactions reading this! I AM inspired and your dining selections were the perfect main course here. I do have to say, that many times I've "thought" about it, but have purposely done the casual thing, so yes, I am guilty! I do have a dining project myself to finish and right now it's the one room I'm doing for a client (quickly morphing into the living room & up the stairs). Thanks again, I really enjoyed this!

  5. We use our dining room all the time but it is never what I would call formal dining just casual sitting around the table visiting. I hope that counts???!!! Kathysue

  6. I am inspired to get my dining room looking up to par! we actually have people over for dinner every weekend, and always use the dining room, but it needs some special touches to feel like these do..

  7. I can't decide which dining room I like the best! But I could live in the one with all the books, designed by Keith Irvine. Thanks for rounding all of these great rooms up!

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