Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's all about the island

In the open planned kitchens that have become so popular these days, the kitchen island has taken on new importance.
It's a room divider with function!

It's prep space.

It's extra storage.

It's a breakfast table.

It's a place for cooking.

It's a place for cleaning.

It's where you put the spread for the party.

It's ALL that.....and a bag of chips!

All images from Kitchenandbath.com

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  1. Sally -

    I know you say it's all about the island... but how about that mantle/range hood in the first photo?!

    Loving the silver one with all the drawers ~ I love my kitchen drawers!

  2. That third image is one of my all time favorite kitchens...island and all!

  3. Can't imagine not having an island in a kitchen of mine now...but one thing I really don't like is when stove tops are placed on islands!! Defeats the whole purpose, in my mind!

  4. Sally,
    I wish I had room for an island would love it!!

    Really enjoy looking at all of the unique lighting fixtures!

    Art by Karena

  5. No island in my kitchen but a great big counter space breakfast bar so I have an island that is attached to the wall so would that make it an penninsula?? Hehe

  6. Inlove when an island is a working island. Eating there is convenient but I like tables - something about sitting down to eat At the table, away from other distractions and the hustle and bustle of kitchen prep, as a family just seems right to me. I am with sue, love image 3. But I do want to reach in and lower the pendants...

  7. I love this because I don't know what I'd do without my island. It's clean-up (my sink is here), prep station and kids having a snack perch! Now that's multi-tasking!

  8. Marija! You are so right! They stick out like a sore thumb now that you mention it. Isn't it interesting what different people see?

  9. It sure is the island is so important most family end up spending time here~


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