Monday, March 1, 2010

Bachelor Inspiration

I've spent the last 3 hours watching the final episode of The Bachelor.  Ok, I admit to being a real sap, having watched the show since it's inception.  No matter how annoyed I've been with Vienna all season, how can you deny the romance of a proposal in St. Lucia !

So I sit here, totally engrossed in this fantasy setting and watch the
Cinderella story unfold. 

After wiping the tear (only one) from my eye, I realized that I was really looking at the color of the sky as it meets the ocean, and wondering what Sherwin Williams color it was.

...and how it might look in a bedroom

or a kitchen

Of course, the ocean isn't the only inspiration in St. Lucia.  Remember the glorious waterfall from last week's episode?

 I love the rusty orange shades in the rocks set off by the rich brown, grays and creamy whites.

Here's the suites where Jake stayed in St. Lucia.....nice.

Some view !
I'm inspired by the natural elements and the lush landscape.

Stone should not be relegated to exteriors only.  How restful is this stone sitting room.  It's a beautiful backdrop to the soft neutrals of the furniture.

Natural elements aren't only about creating restful spaces.  This verdent green can energize a space like nothing else.

There's that pop of orange again....gotta love it!

As the sun sets over the island and this season of The Bachelor,
I'm going to dream about the shades of lavender and pink that remind me that it's Alli's turn next....the new Bachelorette.
Surely, she likes pink......


  1. Getting inspiration for my new digs. Love the pictures and comments.

  2. thanks for the comment. I'm thinking bedrooms too, these many directions to go, so little time!

  3. Sally---YOU are a hoot!!! Your mind never stops creating. Now you've got me thinking and rethinking my rooms! I am adding this blog to my favorites!!!

  4. Thanks Marvelyn, I'm having so much fun! I appreciate the praise from someone as creative as you. Let me know when you need help with those rooms!

  5. Love the blog--love the photos-love the ideas-love The Batchelor!
    Susan H

  6. Sally, I wanted to come by and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I really enjoyed seeing you there. I love when readers leave a comment, I know it takes time so it is very much appreciated. I loved this post you just did. I know how it is looking at the sky and marveling at all the gorgeous colors. Lots of pretty bedroom inspirations here. I am going to go and take a peek at some of your other post, Glad to discover your blog,Kathysue

  7. All the rooms look great. I guess we have the same tastes! I think in a perfect world, I'd have at least about ten houses to decorate also!

  8. Love your comments and the connection to The Bachelor. I am a fan of both of you!!!!

  9. I love Mariah Careys Closet. Im trying to get inspired to add color and window treatments to my living area. Your pictures are great!


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