Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whimsy Wednesday!

Whimsy - (hwĭm'zē) A fanicful or capricious idea...

Wednesday is humpday....middle of the week....weekend almost close enough to touch... and my favorite day of the week. 

So I'm combining two of my favorite things...Whimsy and Wednesday in a weekly post that celebrates something that takes my breath away and sends me into designer daydream land.

I hope you'll be "taken away" with me on your own fanciful, whimsical Wednesday. 
Here we go !

This is a beautiful loft conversion by the Ochs Design Firm from NYC and was featured in the magazine, Tashens New York Interiors.  Click on the link to see more of this magical 2,700sf artist's loft space. 

I'm imagining my artsitic self, painting magnificent, artistic, large-scale canvases in the beautiful light of this artistic space, and falling into this glorious bed at the end of a fulfilling, creative and artistic day.  I have arrived...artistically speaking!

Now let's share the whimsy.  Leave a comment and let me know how you see youself in this beautiful setting!  It's humpday.....find your bliss!


  1. GM Sally, I can only see myself taking long naps and reading in that amazing bed, It is Sigh worthy. Great minds think alike. I love whimsy and I wrote a post last week that will be posting on Friday about? You guessed it whimsy. I am looking forward to you Wed series. I have to have just a touch of whimsy in my design. I know it is subjective what whimsy can be to a person so I will be interested on what you think about my post. Have a Happy St Patty's day, Kathysue

  2. Sally just read your comment. go ahead an post your entry post anytime you like. There is no competition here. I have found there are many like minds out there and I usually do my post at least a week ahead and I think I have done something original and lo and behold that very day I will see a post on the same subject. There are bound to be lots of overlaps but that is what keeps it interesting. Someone always has a little different take on the subject. and if it is a good subject it is always worth repeating so feel free my dear. Remember what I say, "Enjoy the Process!"


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