Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Wednesday Whimsey - Ruffle me!

When I dreamed of having a little girl...almost 30 years ago...I thought about pink, curls and ruffles.  I have an amazing daughter, but she is in No way pink, curls and ruffles....more like khaki, pottery barn and solids-no patterns.  Now I have 2 (almost) grandsons, so if I want pink, curls and ruffles, I'll just have to give them to myself.

So my Wednesday Whimsy is Ruffles....lots and lots of happy ruffles!
Where are you on the "ruffle" scale???

...and my favorite......

All images from Country Living Magazine



  1. Sally, I was going to do a post on ruffles and these are the same picts that I sourced. Love them all but the first one is my favorite. I just love that!! I am so glad you did this post,now I can come here and get my ruffle fix. Love the whimsy of it all. Have a great Wednesday, blogging buddy, Kathysue


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