Monday, March 22, 2010


Snow and freezing temps yesterday.....
Spring and beautiful today.....
Texas weather....gotta love it.
Floral design by Jonathan Andrew Sage, as seen in Veranda


  1. GM Sally we have a couple of friends that live in Texas and they sent us some pictures from McKinney and it was sure beautiful but hard to believe you all are getting such drastic changes.Have a great Monday! Kathysue

  2. My son lives in McKinney too, and I think they got hit the hardest. What a strange weekend it was!

  3. Hi Sally. I have just found your blog from over at Karen's Strictly Simple Style and have really enjoyed looking through your old posts.
    Enjoy your beautiful Spring weather. Here in Australia it's Autumn(Fall) so preparing for the cooler weather ahead.

  4. Love dreaming with you! It doesn't cost to dream.


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