Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Day, Sunshine!!

We've actually had two full days of sunshine and 70 degrees this week, and after a long, cold winter with all kinds of precipitation, I'm very grateful to see the sun. 

The rain and warmth have brought out all kinds of green things, and there's a freshness and energy that wraps around everything.  I'm reminded of how the color yellow, just like the sun, brings a punch of excitement and vibrancy to everything it touches. 

Let's put the top down and enjoy the ride!

 So here's my homage to yellow..

Bring on the sun!

Bold yellow is balanced by crisp white and accented with black.  It worked for the bumble bee....gotta be good.

A more modern take on the color scheme is to substitute black with gray.

Moving on through the neutral palette, combining yellow with taupes and browns gives a more relaxed look to the scheme.  Because browns are more closely akin to shades of yellow, the contrast between the hues is diminished and we see a softer,more monochromatic look.

Yellow and green.....nature does it so well.....

I always love a shot of pink......
Nature does too !

A bright and cheerful color scheme.

Classic red and yellow....the country French standard.

Wonder where the combination came from ??

Blues continue to be the "go-to" color way this year, and when combined with a burst of yellow, it a happy combination.

Yellow, yellow, oh so mellow....

New from Pierre Deux

Don't you want to add a little yellow to your life??


  1. I love yellow and I have some bright yellow roses in a depression green glass vase and it just sparkles in the sun. In my kitchen I have a lime green pitcher with mini cabages in green and white with yellow iris. I smile everytime I look at them. I also smiled all through this post. I love sunshine!! Happy Weekend, Kathysue

  2. Mellow yellow indeed! This post makes me feel I need a little yellow in my life! Thanks for your great comment!

  3. I've always loved yellow because of the cheeriness it extends and have had my living room a butter yellow for years. However, I've put a different spin on it and have recently changed it to a yellow-green and I love it!

  4. Sally, I love to look at your website because your pictures are so pretty. Yellow has always been such a happy color to me. I feel refreshed just from looking through these shots!

  5. Oh wow, fabulous post, I think this is my favorite of the day! You are really good at picking out color inspirations, so very lovely!


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