Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sleeping well

I was shopping for beds for a client last week and I found this bed.
This pic doesn't do it justice, so look at it here.

It's silver leaf...pewter finish they say.
I am in deep love.

I have a new facination for spindle beds.  I don't have a room that is big enough to do one of these justice, but I am really intrigued by all the different kinds of spindles I've seen on the beds I've I'm on a quest!

I love this bed too.
Spindles that look like little flying do doo do, do doo do do..(that's the theme song from Twilight Zone, in case you didn't recognize it)

The basic four-poster has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance since my mother's day.  It's such a stately furniture piece.  It says "I'm important"  "Come lie here....Be Queen for a day".

Isn't this a beautiful bed?
Remember those little accordian squeeze toys your kids played with?   That's what these spindles remind me of.
Or Spoolies....OK, I'm dating myself ! 
Any of you young ladies know what spoolies are?

It was such a step up from the pin-curl, and supposedly, they were easy to sleep on. (ha !)
Before the hand held hairdryer, I went to sleep in these and in the morning when I woke up, my hair was still damp.....perhaps a design flaw.

but I digress......geez.....

I really do love the graceful and sculptural quality of the spindle.   So many kinds !

Twisties AND spoolies

I don't know about this one. It's like the planets all lined up on top of each other.
This is a statement piece if I've ever seen one.

The barley twist is classic English design. 

But in PINK it takes on a modern, whimsical feel.

These posts become a beautiful, scalloped frame for the bed.  I love the juxtapositon of the modern bed and color palette against the rustic, reclaimed floors.  What a warm and rich room!

So how do you feel about the bed in front of the windows?   That used to be a no-no, but I'm seeing it every where. 

The straight line, shaker style spindles on this bed are balanced by the vibrant colors and patterns in this bedding. 

Bunny Williams, always the style-setter, uses this antiqued, mirrored four-poster to anchor this beautiful room.   Mirrored spindles.....only Bunny! 
The feet are really pretty but they got cut off in the upload. 
If you'd like to see them , go here.

I think the iron spindles are classically beautiful...sigh...

If you were designing a new bedroom, would you try to use a spindle bed?   Which one of these beds did you fall in love with??


  1. Those beds are so grand! The last one is lovely! x

  2. I love my king size spindle bed. You really have to have a large room for it, but it never fails to get a "love it" comment.

  3. There is something about a four-poster bed isn't there. I have one in my master but it has very simple lines. My room is quite small but it looks really nice, or at least I think it does. You might be surprised if you got one that was not too ornate,it might work. I know more orante is more Queen like. Great post, I have a couple of the same picts,great minds think alike you know, Have a great day!! Kathysue

  4. I absolutely love the black & white bedroom in the 5th picture.
    Who makes that bed!

  5. I love that bed,too, Brenda. It's made by Lexington. I believe it's called the Long Cove Newport Carved poster bed.

  6. I need that bedding on the shaker style spindle bed!! And the print above the bed... Ok, I'll take the bed too, if it comes in king!


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