Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today's lovely things.

OK, I'm new to blogging. It reminds me a bit of teaching school (which I did for 17 years). I'm reading, researching, planning and collecting like a crazy person because I'm so interested in all the wonderful things I'm seeing on line. I've already got an idea file that will take me into the next millieum with post ideas.

How, oh, How do I decide what to write about!

So, I'm going to post some things that I am loving today. 

There's so much I like about this room.  I love the idea of a dining room that is large, yet intimate.  The soft color palette is repeated in textural patterns throughout the room, but because it's soft and blended, it doesn't feel busy.  I LOVE the high, weathered, beamed ceilings, the fireplace, and the crystal chandelier that looks like it came out of a 19th century French chateau.  I love the impressive moldings, the glass hurricanes and the curtains over the doors.  Sigh.......

I love pink.  I've always loved pink, and I am fairly certain that I will grow old (or older!) loving pink.  I'm so grateful that it is back in vogue....although for me, it always will be.  I think the chair is most intriguing, and I love its sleek shape.  I think Alice in Wonderland or the queen of England should sit in it.

It's a great idea to have seating at the end of the bed, and I really think these chairs are are very cool.  They are a little unexpected, and that makes them fun.  The juxtaposition of the contemporary shape on the chairs and the very primitive distressed furniture really speaks to eclectic design.  The soft color palette with the pops of coral and pumpkin makes this a very refined, yet casual space.

Gotta love a porch!  We're seeing new neighborhoods springing up in our area that have front porches and sidewalks around a central greenbelt area.  Maybe neighbors will get to know one another again.  It's a blast from the past that I think I could appreciate.
These next three rooms are the work of Interior Designer J. Hircsh from Atlanta.  I spent a great deal of time perusing his website, and I found so much richness to his room design.  Yummy.

I think ceilings should be interesting....coffers, beams, moldings, trays and beautiful lighting, and painted, of course.

I'd expect a gold leaf ceiling in a room with more of a formal setting, but I think it looks great anywhere.  Take a risk, people!

This room speaks to my love of casual and personal spaces. The saturated hues against bright white and the unexpected pale blue bedding tell me that the person who lives here is fun, sassy and free spirited....Just like me!!   The seagrass rug is great for this relaxed space.  Everything in this room works for me.  Did I mention that orange is my color?

This room has many of the same elements of the one above.  The addition of the soft taupe repeated in the zebra and the furniture color softens the boldness of the orange.  The graphic elements....the stripes in the drapes, the zebra patterns and the diamond patten on the pillow shams....all work together to create style and panache in this bedroom.  Gotta love the splash of turquoise, the color of the year.  Just what the room needs.

Loving this oversized mirror!  It does what mirrors are supposed to do, which is to enhance and reflect the beautiful space around it, but it does it in a unique way with the arch and mullions.  I think it makes this space. 

I usually gravitate toward spaces that have more color than this, but I was so drawn to the inviting chaise in front of the fireplace.   I  know that my blood pressure would immediately go down reclining in this wonderful space....good book, glass of wine, Chopin playing in the background....I can dream can't I ??

These are just a few of my favorite things for today.  I'm sure it will be something else for tomorrow.

Are you living with things that you love?  You should be, you know!

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  1. GM Sally, I know what you mean about the mind spinning on post ideas, I am just like you , I have so many files of ideas, and it is so fun to research and write. This was all a surprise to me that I would enjoy writing so much,but I really do. Most of the post I do are done a week in advance and then scheduled.I am really having fun at this blogging thing. I finally found something we are not alike in , I can not tolerate orange, Sorry! I can appreciate it done well in a room, but I can not use it in my home. You know th pillow for the playroom girls bed, it has a touch of orange and I acutally debated on getting it because of that. I know a little bit over the top but for some reason orange makes me feel nervous, But I am a total Pink girl always have been always will be so we are back on track ,hehe, Kathysue


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