Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Closet Dilemma

      warm days, cool nights, crocus, tulips, babies, sunshine, flip flops...

and Cleaning!!!!

I simply cannot ignore my closet anymore.

...or maybe I can....after all, distractions come easily for me.  I've found a great diversion looking for the quintessential, organized closet. 

First I wanted to see the closets of the rich and famous.

This is Mariah Carey's 12,000sf closet.....that's the size of my first house!

Her shoes......

Guess who this closet belongs to.....hint, hint, forest green, riding boots, leather, trunks?

Did you guess, Ralph Lauren?  His closet has the same flavor as his flagship store in Manhattan.

And then, of course, we need a closet for our sunglasses !
"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me", Elton.

And perhaps the most famous closet of all...

Carrie Bradshaw!  What New York apartment has room for a chair in the closet? But hey, it's TV.

But another glance into my messy closet,

and I'm back in reality land.

Wait....I need inspiration.

Matching hangers.....

color coordination....

.....or maybe not.

(obviously, this very neutral closet doesn't belong to a real person)
Please tell me there are no real people who live this way!

built-ins are great....I still have too much stuff.

The pull-out counter would be useful.

Seating would be nice.  I like the cabinet/bench combo.

Maybe I'll just turn it into an office...or a craft room

I am moving a bit off track, aren't I?

I've been very successful using all my time dreaming of a clean, organized closet....I'm good at that....but alas, dreaming isn't going to get my closet cleaned.

But I believe I'll think about that tomorrow, Scarlett. 


  1. We are such kindred spirits on this one. I do the same thinking process as you. Maybe it is the Libra in us. I can see the need , make the plans, but and I mean a big BUT I totally have to be in the mood. I am with you on this one. When the mood hits you will do it to perfection, right? That is my MO. Sometimes the problem is the mood never hits, good luck,Kathysue

  2. I think we should have a contest for the strangest closet content!Really,I have two closets - all the family luggage and stacks of cowboy hat boxes in one, and a crib mattress and a boxed wedding gown in the other. Not to mention the fragile antiques that I store on the very top shelf! Somewhere in there are my clothes - one closet for spring, the other for winter. Thanks for "spurring" me on to get in there and organize it -before someone comes with a camera!

  3. Sally thanks for the sweet comment I am looking forward to know you better also, Go check this post out if you would like to be even more inspired.

  4. Peg, I thought you would have everything organized and efficient! You surprise me!

  5. Funny that you posted this today. I am in the same situatiion. I have put it off long enough. I have a vision in my head, but haven't taken the two hours it will take to make it happen! Loving the blog....:) Oh, and I want the great closet and scrap room!


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