Friday, March 19, 2010

Out of Dodge for Spring Break

It's the end of Spring Break here in my Texas town, and I worked straight through it.  But I can always vacation in my imagination, so I decided to conjure up a fabulous experience in my very creative little mind.

I'm allergic to bathing suits, and I look like a lobster after 10 minutes in the sun, so the beach is off for me.   I love the mountains, but I decided that I wanted a little more activity, so NYC here I come.

I found this amazing boutique hotel in Soho...The Crosby Street Hotel...and it's the first class retreat I was looking for.  It's the first Amercan venture of London hoteliers Tim and Kit Kemp and the flagship hotel of their Firmdale hotel group.  There are 86 individually designed rooms (by Kit herself) with quirky, comfy and cozy as her design esthetic.  Every ammenity that you could ask for has been provided for guests, and it's become a favored spot for visting rich and famous....You know that's me!

It's going to be a great trip even if  never leave the hotel....come along with me, won't you?

Entry from the street and meet the Mondo cat....ok....a little weird, but at least you know to expect the unexpected.  Afterall, it's Soho.

Another view of the lobby...yes, it's a head...and a plastic dog...I'm not going to ask.....

A pink lobby....
Do you love the pebbles on the columns?

A bench....for plants.  I love the organic shape against the straight lines of the windows.

Ready to see your room, Madam? chic! 
Pink and coral and white....Oh MY!

Of course, we have a suite.
Anyone know whose fabric this is?   I'm n love!
I love the introduction of the gray stripes on the walls.
The dress form, the lamps, the mirror....

TV anyone?
A glass of wine with your bubble bath?

Now that we're all relaxed, let's explore!

Tea in the drawing room?  I prefer champangne!
Or the library?.....where's the books?
Then drinks in "Refuel" the restaurant/bar.
Dinner party in one of several private dining rooms.
Then it's off to the screening room to catch up on all the movies I've missed this year.
I've heard that people actually leave their hotel rooms to explore NYC, but there's so much design magic going on in The Crosby Soho, that I may never leave.

There's tons of eye candy in each of these spaces.  What's your fav?


  1. Hey, Sally, thanks for stopping by, what a beautiful place this is! Love that coral and white.

    And no, I didn't get that sofa, just playing around with it to see what could be done. A couple girls asked in the comments what I would do with it in a room, so I just came up with that on a whim.

    Welcome to blogging, I see you are brand new! Enjoy!

  2. Sally, you are right so much eye candy.I loved the library and its bold use of color. The over sized lavendar piece is what makes that room. Talk about Whimsy, I see lots of whimsy here!! Thanks for the comment on my post and Congrats on your new grand baby. It is the most wonderful journey there is in life, I must say, nothing like it. Pure love and joy all bundled up in their little bodies.Enjoy!!!! Kathysue

  3. HI, Sally, how fun that you got to see Riverhills in person, I'm sure it's spectacular. I'll go check out your other pics too!

  4. The Crosby Steet Hotel should pay you for advertising for them. I so want to go and stay there after accompanying you on your imaginary trip there! And the price was just my imagination.

  5. OK, I just Googled the Crosby Street Hotel and checked out the rates. Good thing I've already "been there, done that" with you!

  6. Aint it the truth, Jan. It was so full of great ideas that are doable in a home...except maybe the MONDO cat or the plastic head! I love the color scheme and the bits of whimsy that bring the element of the unexpected. I feel so rested after my trip, don't you?


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