Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fabric Inspirations of the Day

I've been working with alot of fabrics over the last few days.  Some weeks it's kitchen designing, some weeks I'm overtaken by building materials, but this week, it's about fabrics. 

I think fabics are the mood-elevators of the room, don't you?

Here's a few that I'm inspired by this week.

Beautiful silks are on the agenda.

Libas silk  in "straw"  construction by Drapery Street

Duralee Silk Road Collection
Kravet Couture Limoges Silk Damask

For a more playful project....

Clarence House

Duralee Retro Blooms

Schumacher Good Day Sunshine

What's inspiring your projects today?


  1. Oh, I am constantly inspired by fabrics! Not enough spaces to put all the ones I love in...like the Schumacher Good Day Sunshine, lovely!

  2. My art is inspired by fashion, and designer fabrics all the time! I love to page through and pull out inspiration sheets for my folders!

    Giveaway is on my site I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  3. Fabric is my passion too ! So much great fabric so little time to use it all.

  4. Love the weeks that are concentrated on fabric.

  5. I love silk! and all fabrics...just working on creating some Custom embroidered silk for my client,i love what i do with fabrics,thanks for this post it got me excited:)

  6. Fabrics selection is definitely my favorite part on projects.
    Have a great rest of the weekk.


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