Monday, June 14, 2010

Take care of the details!

Renowned interior designer, Meis van der Rohe was credited to say,
 "God is in the details".

That statement has been the underlying foundation for interior design ever since. It's the details that separate the good from the best, the fine from the finest and the functional from the "way cool" !

As designers, customization is at the heart of what we do. It's the custom details that create personal, unique spaces and give that added touch that takes the room over the top. It's the details that separate a well designed space from an ordinary one.

Where can you amp up the details in your home?
Cole and Sons Wallpaper ad

Check out these details...The pleated skirt on the sofa, overstuffed seat cushions, the framed wallpaper, and those puff balls as the pillow trim. You gotta appreciate the repetition of the shapes too.  Well thought-out perfection.

Birmingham Show House

A not-so-simple monogram and a silve leaf finish takes this simple linen bergere chair to a whole new level.

Sweet Home Style

Wish I could see the rest of this bathroom, but it's clear that the amazing mirror is the focal point of the space.  The fact that it looks like it could be a one of a kind makes me want it even more!

Barclay Butera fabrics and trim

Tammy Tant  from BG Custom Windows

The huge array of fabrics and trims ensure that no two designs need be the same.

Something as simple as sheer window curtains becomes heirloom quality with the addition of antique panels strategicly spaced. 

19c Swedish secretary

There's nothing unusual about paint, but there is nothing plain about this painted secretary.  I'm picturing myself finding this beautiful piece and then opening the doors to reveal this amazing color on the inside.  What a treat!
Creating something unexpected is a great way to customize.  

Southern Living Show house

Such a little, bitty space that's been punched up with this beautiful ceiling detail.  Don't you love the way the pillow design is repeated on the ceiling?

If you've seen Sex and the City 2, you recognize this ottoman from Carrie and Big's living room (their's was in cobalt blue).  Set designer Lydia Marks chose Anne Kyyrö Quinn's original design for it's interesting detail.

Elizabeht Cutler, Interior Designer

At first glance, this looks like an ordinary wingchair, but then you focus on the unique arm style and the evenly spaced nailheads which make this chair anything but ordinary.

Susan Dossetter, Interior Designer
Check out the amazing details in this wonderful kitchen! 
The ceiling, that antique store case on the back wall (which I am coveting, by the way....), the molding details on the cabinetry, the pedestal table...and the beat goes on.

Tile design is a great place to add detail.

Gary McBournie, Interior Designer

Love the handpainting on the night stand and the beautiful lines on the bedding...and of course, it's PINK!  Beautiful detailing is often subtle and classy, and this room is all that.

Do you love this little chair?  I'm such a fan of great chairs, and the pleated detail on this cushion is feminine and yet tailored....just like me!!!

Jeffrey Bilhuber, Interior Designer

Much greatness about this bathroom!  As someone who routinely puts color on ceilings, it was a smart move to paint this one white.  The architectural details are so much more obvious and important because they are highlighted by the difference in color. 

Gerard Butler's loft in Architectural Digest

These celtic knots on this stainless steel farm sink are in the very impressive loft apartment of Gerard Butler.  What character this detail brings to the space.

Jeanne Jacobs Austin, Interior Designer

Brick, coved ceiling....what drama!

Jonathan Adler

No one brings fun to a space better than Jonathan Adler. This kitchen is full of fun details in the accessories, fabrics and functional elements.  Walking into this kitchen before my coffee might be enought to get the day started right.

I could go on and on....amazing photos out there.
I'd love to know your favorite details.


  1. Details, yes! The detail that most caught my eye was the uneven placement of nail head trim on the chair...really interesting!

  2. Boy, Janelle. You're good! It's very slight, but there all the same. Back to the upholsterer!

  3. Sally, you are so right. Details are everything and truly make the space. Thanks for these magical photos. They demonstrate your point perfectly!

  4. Great images with wonderful details and you are so right it is all in the details that make it special. Happy Tuesday,Kathysue

  5. I hate that I don't visit often enough! I love your posts!

  6. I love all the details, it makes such a big difference !

  7. awesome awesome pictures...i love personalized details like table vignettes and coffee table books.

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say i LOVE it. do come drop by mine too and maybe we can follow each other. =)

    have a lovely day!


  8. I am all for details its what makes what we do so special!
    have a nice blog~Deepali

  9. Couldn't agree more. Love the ideas!

  10. That painted secretary, and those! The details, to amp, bump and zhush! My favorites are always the details!

  11. This post is overwhelmingly full of great ideas! Love the antique panel worked into the curtains, straight panels and roman blinds are everywhere, it's nice to see a different take.

  12. I love the antique custom window sheers. It gives me something new to look for when I go to the swap meet.

  13. The 19c Swedish secretary is from Linda Horsley antiques. I first saw it back in 2009 - very beautiful in person. I always liked how they staged it too.


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