Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiny Tables

When you are blogging, you are looking at millions of pictures to find just the right image to display for your blog.  After a while they all seem to run together.

But lately I've been noticing a trend toward interesting little tables and benches being used instead of those matching end tables that have become passe' .

So, when I began to really LOOK for them, I'm amazed at the variety of ways they are used in a room.

Obviously, they are found next to chairs, sofas and chaises.

Canadian House and Home

Fairfield County Show home

Interior Designer, Ken Fulks

Mary McGee, Interior Designer

I love the idea of using small tables as coffee tables.

Neal Stewart, Interior Designer

Ashley Whitaker, Interior Designer

Austin Harrelson, Interior Designer

Ooops!  I don't have a source on this one.

Kelly McGullis, Interior Designer

I love the organic shapes of these little tables.

Philippe Starck Sanders

Ok,  I realize the tables are highly overshadowed by this CRAAAZY sofa.

But there are some fun tables that have organic shapes.

Eve Reid Warner Weltman for D-Magazine

Kelly Wearstler, Interior Designer

And then there are the stools and benches that are used as tables....

Anthony Todd, Interior Designer

And then there are stools that are just used as stools....or maybe something else.

Patricia McLean Interiors

And then there are some that are just fun!  Let's make it interesting, folks !

Amanda Nesbit, Interior Designer

Lisa Martensen, Interior Designer

Robyn Karp, Interior Designer

Are you ready to switch it up
and find a way to use some cool tiny tables? 

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  1. You found some great ones. I love the square, white garden stools used as a coffee table.

  2. Sally, what a great post and wonderful examples of how small tables can be used. I use two white garden stools as a coffee table in my family room, I really like the look, Loved this post and the images are stellar,Kathysue

  3. Hi Sally! How did you know that cool little tables are (another) one of my obsessions.! I may have just come out from under my rock on this but how cool is that mini saarinen table?!?

  4. What beautiful images. I do like the use of different tables in different sizes and styles instead of matchy matchy.

  5. Thanks for pointing me to this post - there are some great styles here! Decisions, decisions . . .


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