Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've Got a New Look!!

I have never pretended to be a graphic designer,
but I think when you design one thing, how hard could it be to design something else??? Right??

Well, after working through 4 different graphic programs, about a bizillion different backgrounds, colors and enhancements, I've learned that one's "vision" does not always match one's technical prowess!

I'm in the process of designing a new website for Sally J. Designs...a wordpress blog format so I can control the content a little better.  I've been in classes and worked with a techy pro to get it to "work" the way I want it to, but the design is up to me.  I promise all this will make sense when I go live with the new site. 

For now, you've got to trust me that there is a relationship between the look of my site and my blog now (didn't I just do a post on relationships??

I'd really like to know what you think.  My ego is not too fragile (?) so give me what you've got.  I'm also stubborn enough that I might not change it, but I'd really like to know if I'm on the right track.

.....and Valorie from the fabulous blog "The Visual Vamp", Thanks!!
This is all your fault!! (I really appreciate your suggestions!)


  1. I like it Sally! It would be fun to change out the end corners whenever you want! (not sure how easy that would be!)

    Art by Karena

  2. Yes, from what I've gotten to know about you and your style this is a match. I agree with Karena's comment, I love the header and would love to see it fit within the size of the area a bit better. I hope to redesign my blog soon, so I'm looking forward to your feedback when I get there!

  3. Thanks, guys. I'm not a wiz at this htiml stuff, but by golly, if I keep spending as much time on it as I have this weekend, then I should be a star before long! Thanks for your imput....all under advisement!!

  4. Very pretty! I will say I loved your previous header too but this definitely feels fresh! Great work! Took me endless hours to build mine and I just hope I don't tire of it bc I can't bare living through another renovation! Excited to see your new website, too! xo Marija

  5. I've stretched this baby as far as blogger will let me. I don't know why it won't let us fill up the space. Don't they know that's what designers do !!!

  6. Sally,
    I just sent you an email.

    If you'd like, I'll try to help you get the header to fit the space.


  7. Oh, I love it! I think you did a good job, and that will be great to go to Wordpress, I really don't care for Blogger, it breaks all the time (even though I still use it!). Keep up the good work! XO!

  8. It looks great!
    Thanks for the shout out :-)
    xo xo

  9. Hi Sally! I LOL when I read this b/c I can totally relate. New to blogging, I was so inspired by all the FABulous blogs out there. I have always prided myself on being fairly stylish, so I too one rainy night set out to put a new dress & heels on my page. THAT was a total disaster and I ended up somehow completely jacking up my entire blog. SO...I think you've done a GREAT job and I have no doubt that you have a beautiful plan in motion and it will all gel very soon. Good-4-U !!!! :)

  10. Looks great Sally! Can't wait to see your new site! I especially love your button! Very cute! Send me a 120x70 pixel button and I'll add it to my link love page that I'm working on getting up!

  11. LOVE IT!!! The computer tech side of things is so far beyond me I don't think I could handle any of it. If it is not a point and click I am lost. Great job!! Kathysue

  12. oh my, funny you posted this! i worked all weekend trying to figure out on my own how to fill out my header from side to side, and i couldn't do it. i gave up. and made it white again so you couldn't see the sides.
    i love the way you have the "fabric" print on the side. it's colorful and looks great the font!


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