Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's a Stone's Throw......

I'm a big fan of audio books.  I download them to my IPhone and listen while I do other things..... my favorite way to multi-task!

 I've just finished 40+ hours of Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet.

What a story! 
The scene is  the 12th century in England,  and centers around the building of the cathedral at Kingsbridge. There were many discussions within the story about architecture and engineering.  It was like peering into the design history books to see the initial thought processes that created the historic cathedrals of that time.

It's a story of stone...aquiring them, building with them, engineering them.

It got me thinking about how we use stone in structures today. 

Certainly, it's easier to shape them and use them as an architectural element in our designs, but
I think their impact is still the same...dramatic, warm and timeless. 

Country Living

Cathy Kincaid in House Beautiful

Mark Cocanougher, Interior designer

Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design

Jill Sharp Interior Design

Canadian House and Home

Blue Star Trading Co.  Hico, Texas

Bouldin Castle

Richard Powers, Interior Designer

Austin, Texas

The Pillars of the Earth has been made into a TV mini-series for Starz and will debut July 28. 
I'll be watching...will you?


  1. This is a fabulous idea. I have been wanting to read this book but just haven't carved out the time to do it. I'm downloading it in the morning! Have a great week.

  2. The bedroom from Canadian House and Home caught my eye, adore the stone wall against the refined luxury of the room. And as for reading, I just wish I had to read anything these days besides blogs and a few magazines!! Janell

  3. I agree, stone is warm and timeless. Beautiful images - happy Monday (here we go again...)

  4. Hi Sally, I just got back from a long weekend In Los Angeles and yesterday we went to the Getty Museum which is made of all stone, I believe Marble, Amazing building to say the least. I am with you on the appreciation of the texture and interest stone can bring to a room. I am going to go and look at the other post I missed, this is a great one, Happy Monday,Kathysue

  5. Beautiful interiors, plus thank you for the book recommendation!

  6. I read this (gigantic) book in college, and I loved it sooo much! It made such an impression on me, I can not look at a grand cathedral today without thinking about this novel. The photos you chose here are pure perfection. AND...had NO idea this was being made into a mini-series! Thank goodness you told me as this is exactly the type of show I would love...tuning in for sure!

  7. oh wow the spiral staircase is fantastic! Some stunning images!

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