Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kravet's Social Media Tour arrives in Dallas

It's an exciting day. 

I'm sitting on a panel with two other local bloggers....Alana Villanueva of Dallas Decorum and Shay Geyer of Designer Detective to discuss social media marketing for the interior design industry.

Kravet is sponsoring their "Social Media tour" to gather local designers all over the country to learn about using social media to market their design businesses.

We'll be having lunch with Beth Greene, VP of Marketing and Communications for Kravet, and then it's off to visit with almost 100 of our peers about social networking and blogging.

I know that the design industry will benefit greatly by discussing different ways to communicate to the public what we do. 

I'll  be tweeting and posting on Facebook to keep you up to speed. 
You can follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/sallyjdesigns and on Facebook at SallyJDesigns.

Stay tuned!!!
(Now, what to wear???????)


  1. Sounds like the best time! Enjoy!

  2. Oooh! Take lotsa notes and fill us in!

  3. They did this series in Chicago and I so wanted to be there to here what the panel had to say. I'm excited for you and your opportunity. Can't wait for a re-cap!! And definitely post pics. You know how we love pics ;)

  4. Sally that is exciting news and what an honor for you to be on this panel!! Oh how I wish I could be there to hear what you have to say!! You will do wonderfully and you are going to look perfection in whatever you choose to wear. Can't wait to hear all about it!! Kathysue

  5. That is awesome! Clearly you're good at it, I love your blog, can't wait to hear all about it! How flattering! XO!

  6. Yall make me feel GOOD!!!
    This is where 17 years of being a school teacher comes in handy...certainly not afraid of speaking before a crowd. You just look at everyone like they were 12 yr olds! LOL

  7. oooh fun, I'm going to follow you on twitter now !


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